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Martindale Pilling And Abrasion Test

Author: Released in:2019-09-24 Click:1602

The Principle Of Martindale Testing :
Circle samples are grazed by fabrics with compatible material considering the recommended pressure in the trajectory of Lissajous movement, to accomplish certain turns and calculate the tested samples degree of pilling.

Abrasion is one aspect of wear and is the rubbing away of the component fibers and yarns of the fabric.The test result from the Martindale machine is usually given as a score of 1000’s of rubs or cycles completed. The higher the score of rubs or cycles, the more suitable the fabric is for heavier usage. We categorize fabrics basically on the test results.

Research has shown that when a result of less than 1000 rubs is obtained, the fabric is recommended to be used for decorative purpose (i.e accents and cushion), so therefore, this fabric is not recommended for general use.

If the fabric gives a result of 10,000 to 15,000 rubs, the fabric is highly recommended for use on furniture that will be used occasionally. The reason why the fabric is recommended for light domestic is because the fabric is constructed delicately or the fabric is made of delicate yarns.

If the fabric gives 25,000 to 30,000 rubs, then it can be used for heavy duty (on the main furniture in the house which will be used daily and continually).

If you are having more than 30,000 rubs, then the fabric is suitable for both commercial and heavy duty use (commercial furniture and environments).

Lastly, people have problem when the notice that their has more than 50,000. The answer to this is that rubs like this have little impact in the practical application.This is because the Martindale test is for abrasion only and some other factors can affect wear and tear of a fabric, other factors like Chemicals used to wash the textile, the UV exposure etc, just the way a fabric having high rub count means the fabric will be resistant to cat claws.

I am sure at this point, you will understand what the Martindale Abrasion test is and reason why it is important to be done for fabric, I am also sure you also learnt about the Martindale Abrasion and pulling tester  to carry out the test.I hope this article has been helpful on what Martindale Abrasion test is all about.