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Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine Technical Specifications

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:92

Martindale Abrasion Resistance Testing MachineTechnical Features

Martindale Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine is designed by absorbing the advantages of similar instruments at home and abroad, and its appearance is magnificent. The generous, touch-sensitive display screen makes the interface easy to understand and use. The microcomputer system adopts two counting methods, intuitive and generous, and easy to configure. Six stations (or nine stations) can be tested at the same time to improve testing efficiency. The instrument also has two Lissajous motion paths 24mm × 24mm and 60.5mm × 60.5mm and a variety of supporting accessories, which can adapt to various test method standards.

Scientific structural design allows easy loading and unloading of samples without moving the cover;

Two test modes are available,with anti-pilling and wear-resistant functions at the same time, and can implement national and American standards.andard;

It has a bilingual menu interface in Chinese and English to adapt to different needs;

It adopts imported 5.7-inch touch screen control, the interface is clear and easy to understand, and the operation is intuitive and convenient;

Six stations are adopted for independent cumulative counting, and individual stations can be locked at any time to facilitate test management;

The latest programmable controller Modular control (PLC) is reliable and has stronger anti-interference, not easy to crash, suitable for long-term operation;

Adopts two working modes: counting up and counting up, and has the function of resuming and accumulating counting halfway, which is convenient for users to test;

The speed is adjustable, which can meet different industrial standards simultaneously.