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Martindale abrasion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:130

Field of application of the Martindale Abrasion Tester:
The Martindale Abrasion Tester can detect the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of different plants. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the abrasive are subjected to continuous reversing friction, and the degree of wear and pilling is assessed by comparison with the standard parameters. Touch screen operation with complete programmer, pre-programmed batch and total counts, individually set counts for each test head; 4 speeds selectable including standard speeds.

Working principle of the Martindale Abrasion Tester:
Under a certain pressure, the circular fabric sample rubs against the standard abrasive according to the trajectory of the Lissajous curve, resulting in damage to the sample, and the abrasion resistance of the substance is expressed by the number of times the sample has been damaged.

The Martindale Abrasion Tester meets the standard:
GB/T 21196.1-2007 Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics by Martindale Method Part 1
GB/T 21196.2 -2007 Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics by Martindale Method Part 2
GB/T 21196.3-2007 Determination of Abrasion Resistance of textile materials by the Martindale method part 3
GB/T 21196.4-2007 Determination of abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method for textiles - part 4 GB/T 4802.2-1997 Pilling test of textile materials by the Martindale method GB 8690 -88 Test Method for Abrasion Abrasion of Wool Fabrics Method ISO 12945-2 :2002 Determination of Surface Lint Properties of Textile Fabrics Part 2 Martindale Method Erfa
ASTM D4966-1988 Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test Martindale Abrasion Tester
ASTM D4970 -2002 Fabric Pilling Resistance Test Method Martindale Tester

Technical parameters:
1. The number of stations: 4
2. The counting range: 0~999999 times
3. The maximum movement of Zui: horizontal: 60 ± 0.5 mm Longitudinal: 24 ± 0.5mm
4. Mass of pressurized material:
a. Holder: 198±2g
b. Clothing sample weight: 395±2g
c. Furniture decoration sample weight: 595±2g
5. Effective friction diameter of grinding block:
Type A 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢28.8 -0.084mm
6 Relative moving speed between the gripper and the grinding table: 50±2r/min, 47±2r/min (1-120 r/min adjustable)
7. Weight of sample loading hammer: 2385g±10
8. External dimensions: 885×600×410mm

9. Power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 500W
10. Weight: 100 kg

Configuration and consumables Martindale Abrasion Tester:
1. 9 sets of sample clips;
9 pieces of 2.9Kpa and 12KPa weights;
3. One set of Φ38mm and Φ140mm samplers;
4. One piece back plate for each Φ38mm and Φ140mm sampler;
5.One set of pilling test set;
6.One set of SM50 standard sample photo;
7.One set of EMPA standard pilling sample photo and one piece SM-25 standard abrasive cloth 1.6m×5m;
8. One set of standard foam 1.5 m × 0.5 m (4 pcs/set);
9. One piece of standard felt sheet;
10. 20 pieces Φ90mm felt disc;
11. 50 pieces Φ38 mm and Φ140 mm sampling sheets;
12. Other accessories recommended by the manufacturer.