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Martindale Abrasion Test Methods for Socks

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-10 Click:1167

1  Using AATCC Test Method 150, wash and dry test samples three (3) times. When available, follow labeled wash instructions.

2  Conduct all tests in the standard atmosphere for testing.

3  After conditioning, place the garment on a NAHM foot form. The form size used should represent the maximum size of the garment, as specified on label. For example, a 9-11 stretch women’s sock should be tested on an 11.0 F (Female) NAHM foot form.

4  After the garment is placed on the NAHM foot form, center a circular template (130 ± 2 mm in diameter) between the toe and heel cups of the bottom of the NAHM foot form.  The template should be positioned in a manner that it covers both sides of the garment on the NAHM foot form.

5  Use the china marker to outline the template making the circular testing area.

6  Remove the marked garment from the NAHM form.

7  Cut test specimens in half so the circular testing area will be one ply and lay flat.

8  For mass loss, weigh the specimen to the nearest milligram.

9  Place the test specimen on the sample holder with the wales of the garment running parallel to the abradant holder’s direction of travel.  Stretch the sample until the template outline is lined up with the inner area of the sample holder.

10  Place the motion plate on the Martindale abrasion machine. Place the abradant holder and head weight on the motion plate.

11  Using the manufacture’s directions, set the batch set counter to 200.

12  Start the machine.

13  When the machine stops after 200 cycles, remove head weight, abradant holder, and motion plate.

14  Observe the specimen.

15  Use a toothbrush to gently remove pills of matted fibers interfering with proper contact between the specimen and abradant during the test.  Use air to blow off the Trizact® on abradant holder.

16  Replace the motion plate, abradant holder, and head weight on the machine.

17  Repeat steps 10.10 through 10.15 until an end point is reached. As the endpoint is approached, reduce the number of movements between examinations.

18  Record the number of cycles to reach the end point.

19  For mass loss, weigh the specimen to the nearest milligram.