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Martindale abrasion meter for textile abrasion testing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-11 Click:539

The Martindale Abrasion Tester is a standard system of textile testing based on test methods and their relationship to each other, by testing abrasion resistant fabrics.

Martindale is a widely used test in Europe and Asia. The International Wool Board and the International Cotton Committee accept it as such (Contract Textile Association) andmartindale abrasion tests are based on the test methods and their relationship to the standard system of textile tests, by testing abrasion resistant fabrics through these tests.

Andmartindale is a widely used test in Europe and Asia. It is accepted by the International Wool Secretariat and the International Cotton Council, as well as by the Contract Textiles Association and the DFA (Decorative Fabrics Association). Although designers in North America are not familiar with the Martindale test, it is considered a reliable test. It is believed that Martindale is true to the material and is an accurate test. The fabric is flat and rubbed on a testing machine with the same material, stopping when the fabric wears or breaks, and the number of cycles is the abrasion value. 20,000 Martindale cycles are for general commercial use; 40,000 Martindale cycles are for heavy commercial use.

Martindale abrasion meter for textile abrasion testing

Martin tests only for abrasion resistance, absence of UV light, chemical materials, dirt, surface treatment or pets' paws. When velour fabrics are selected, they are easily abraded by sharp pet paws, even velour fabrics have high abrasion and stain resistance. Keep in mind that woven fabrics, fabric composition, patterns, furniture design, care and use all have an impact on the life of the chosen fabric.

The wear and tear of textiles is manifested in five main areas.

  1. Fibers constantly collide during friction. The fiber fragments of the yarn break due to fatigue damage, which leads to yarn breakage. Fibers are taken from the fabric, resulting in a loose yarn and fabric structure.
  2. Fibers can be completely pulled by reciprocation, which leads to thinning and even disintegration of yarn and fabric.
  3. Fibers are cut off, resulting in yarn breakage.
  4. The fiber surface is worn, resulting in fiber fragments falling off.
  5. Friction generates high temperature, causing fiber melting or plastic deformation, which affects the structure and mechanical properties of fiber.

The appearance changes due to abrasion are wear, quality loss, appearance discoloration, pilling, etc.

There are several methods of testing friction resistance, such as transverse grinding method, grinding method grinding method bending, folding and compound grinding method, etc. Martindale test belongs to the horizontal grinding method, which is widely used in clothing, wear-resistant home textiles, decorative fabrics, furniture fabrics, etc.