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Manual friction color fastness tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-27 Click:15

Manual friction color fastness tester

Manual friction color fastness tester

Friction fastness refers to the degree of color loss of dyed fabrics after friction, which can be divided into dry friction and wet friction.

The manual friction color fastness tester is based on the method of evaluating the degree of color transfer to a standard white cloth by rubbing the sample against it under certain conditions using a staining gray card to determine the friction color fastness of the sample.

This instrument can be used to test the color fastness of fabrics to dry and wet rubbing.

Product features:

Stainless steel structure, beautiful and elegant appearance. The instrument is lightweight and convenient to carry.

Manual control, simple operation, and convenient loading and unloading of samples.

Built in automatic counter, automatically reading values, accurate results.

Widely applicable, suitable for measuring the friction resistance of textiles of various categories and colors.

Compliant with standards:

DIN EN ISO 105-x12 textiles - Tests for color fastness - Part X12: Color fastness to friction

Technical parameters:

Friction finger diameter: 16mm

Friction pointing downward load: 9N