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Maintenance Method of High and Low Temperature Impact Test Chamberأداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:58

Maintenance methods of high and low temperature impact test chamber

The high and low temperature impact test chamber is mainly composed of the housing, air circulation system air, refrigeration system, heating system and humidity control system. The air circulation system generally adopts a structure with adjustable air supply direction. The humidification system uses boiler humidification and surface evaporation. The cooling and dehumidifying systems adopt air conditioning refrigeration structures. The heating system uses electric finned heating and electric furnace wire direct heating. There are two structures, the temperature and humidity test method adopts the dry and wet bulb test method, and the humidity sensor direct measurement method is also used. The operation interface of cControl and display adopts the methods of separate independent temperature and humidity controller and combined temperature and humidity controller.

Common faults and maintenance methods:

1. During the high temperature test, if the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, you can check the electrical system and troubleshoot one by one.

If the temperature rises very slowly, check the air circulation system to see if the air circulation adjustment baffle is open normally. If not, check if the airflow motor works normally. If the temperature overshoot is significant, then it is necessary to adjust the PID tuning parameters. If the temperature rises directly, the overheating protection means that the controller is defective and the control instrument needs to be replaced.

2. The bassThe temperature does not reach the test target.

Observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drops very slowly or the temperature tends to increase after it reaches a certain value. In the first case, check if the work room has been dried before performing the low temperature wash. Temperature test to ensure that the work is carried out correctly. Once the room is kept dry, place the sample to be tested in the work room before performing the test. If the test sample is placed too much in the working room, so that the wind in the working room cannot completely circulate. After eliminating the above reasons, it is necessary to determine whether the refrigeration system is faulty. It is necessary to ask Changken test equipment professionals to review it. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor environment in which the equipment is used. The temperatureAmbient nature and equipment location must meet requirements.

3. During the heat and humidity test, the actual humidity will reach 100% or the actual humidity is very different from the target humidity and the value is much lower .

The first phenomenon: it can be caused by the dry gauze on the wet ball catcher. Then check whether there is a lack of water in the water tank of the wet ball sensor. The water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller. Check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal and whether the water level controller is working normally. Another possibility is that wet gauze hardens due to long use or the purity of the water supply, making the gauze unable to absorb water and dry out. As long as the gauze is replaced or cleaned, the above phenomenon can be eliminated.born. This last phenomenon is mainly due to the malfunction of the humidification system. Check the water supply system of the humidification system to see if there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system and check the water level of the humidification boiler. Whether the level control is normal and the water level in the humidification boiler is normal. If the above is normal, then you should check the electrical control system and ask professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

4. When the equipment suddenly fails during the testing operation, the corresponding fault display prompt will appear on the control instrument and there will be a prompt audio alarm.

The operator can quickly check which type of fault it belongs to in the troubleshooting chapter in the operation and use of the equipment, and then ask tos professionals to troubleshoot quickly to ensure the normal progress of the test. Other phenomena will occur when using other environmental testing equipment, so specific phenomena need to be analyzed and eliminated.