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Low temperature folding tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-28 Click:23

Low temperature folding tester

Low temperature folding tester

The low-temperature resistance kneading tester is mainly used in low-temperature kneading tests, where the kneading rate is set at a specific temperature. Check the degree of material damage under a certain number of test cycles. The motor drives the working face to perform reciprocating motion, with the working face perpendicular to the horizontal plane and the direction of motion parallel to the horizontal plane. The counter approaches the switch to record the number of working face movement cycles, and the test stops when the set number of cycles is reached.

The instrument is easy to operate. Set up the automatic counter according to the detection requirements and start working. When the instrument is working, place the control box outside at low temperatures and the test bench inside at low temperatures. These two parts are connected through the supplied connecting cables. At the same time, the motor operates in a designated low-temperature environment without any performance loss or impact.

Product features:

1. The mechanical components are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

2. Durable powder coating and anodized surface treatment

3. Precision ball and needle roller bearings

4. Automatic shutdown programmable upward counting controller

5. Extremely strong low-temperature adaptability

6. High quality brushless motor

7. Adjustable testing speed

Technical parameters:

1. Product weight: 24 lbs/11 kgs

2. Transportation weight: 34 lbs/15 kgs

3. Product volume: 12 "X13" X13“

4. Testing station: 0