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Leather Wear Test Process

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-07 Click:1393

 Artificial leather and synthetic leather which is more wearable? Artificial leather and synthetic leather is not the same, mainly the use of different materials, synthetic leather is more resistant than artificial leather. Synthetic leather refers to PU (polyurethane) synthetic leather, thermoplastic polymer, through the raw materials, process adjustment and produce different characteristics. Can use non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics as the substrate, the multi-processing to create a good quality products. The physical characteristics of the structure and natural leather close to, and has a durable, good texture, good ventilation and other good features, so its wide range of applications, can be used in footwear, leather industry, furniture and sports equipment industry.
Leather Wear Test Process
The specific operation of the test method is as follows:
Test equipment:
Rubber grinding wheel, grinding wheel, check with fine sandpaper (number), standard cutter, sample, power supply (AC220V, 50HZ)
experiment procedure:
1, the test rod arm lifted, and then start the power to try the operation, check the machine is running properly, and then set the test arm and dust arm off, remove the test piece fixed nut and "gasket (circle)", Use a wrench to loosen the retaining ring screw and lift the retaining ring. The following are the same as the "
2, will be prepared by the fine sandpaper cut into a test piece of the model, the center hole placed on the screw, the gasket set, with a test piece fixed nut, the fine sandpaper fixed on the disc. The following are the same as the "
3, will be fixed on the trap, the sandpaper flattened, with the wrench will be fixed ring, fixed nut lock.
4, according to the test of the standard selection of grinding wheel and remove the wheel nut, remove the wheel, and then tighten the fixed. The following are the same as the "
5, according to the test standard in the weight of the weight required to place the weight (the test machine placed the weight of 750g)
6, set the test rotation number of 50 times (according to the different needs of the test can set the number of test cycles), the test arm and dust arm down, open the power switch and vacuum cleaner switch, adjust the air volume, open the motor switch that line to start operation The Rubber grinding wheel, each operation test piece wear test before, all to fine grinding wheel grinding 50 times
7, sandpaper 50 times, turn off the power, according to the opposite steps 4,5,6,7, remove the sandpaper and according to 4,5,6,7, the steps placed on the test piece. The following are the same as the "
8, set the test rotation number of l000 times, with a plastic patch stick on the sand on the sand, check the double-sided tape is a smooth test film will be affixed to the test disc, and then repeat the steps of 10. The following are the same as the "
9, to set the number of tests, automatically stop working. The following are the same as the "
10, after the shutdown, with a small brush to remove the leather surface of the sand layer, and remove the test piece together with double-sided tape to precision scales scales,
11, count to the decimal point below the four, and record it, according to the formula can be calculated by the test value.
Finally, the wear resistance of the test specimen was evaluated according to the standard requirements.