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Leather Rubbing Color Fastness Tester, Rubbing Stroke Test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:65

The leather color fastness tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is cost-effective and has comprehensive after-sales service. It is used to conduct color fastness tests by rubbing on the surface of leather to determine the surface area of ​​leather. The extent of damage and the amount of color transferred from the sample to the friction pad.

Main parameters:

1. Specimen area: (120×20) mm2;

2. Friction stroke: 35 ± 2 mm;

3. Testing speed: 40 ± 2 times/min;

4. Wool fabric area: (15 × 15) mm2 (purchased separately).

Testing standards:

BS 1006 UK-LG, IUF 450, SLF 450, DIN 53339, EN ISO 11640, Veslic C4500

As an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, training and service, Shanghai Fanbiao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to bringing more testing instruments to the market and providing long-term textile testing services. , leather, combustion, automobile interior materials, environmental climate aging, masks and protective clothing, etc. Test instruments can also accept non-standard customization. Targeted testing can be carried out according to customer requirements before purchase to ensure that the purchased instrument is suitable.