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Judge II standard light source color matching light box

Author: Released in:2024-03-19 Click:14

Judge II standard light source color matching light box

Judge II standard light source color matching light box

Applicable standards:

ASTM D1729; ISO 3664DIN6173; ANSI&BSIJIS Z8723; AS 4004GM9220; SAE J361

Applicable scope:

Judge II standard light source has patented color improvement technology for color light boxes, which can provide the most realistic simulated daylight light source, equipped with multiple light sources, and meets most domestic and international standards. It is mainly used in industries such as textiles, paint, ink, printing, plastics, etc

Product details:


1. Patented technology improves the color performance of lamp tubes - The seven phosphor synthesized daylight technology can more accurately simulate sunlight and is a standard light source for achieving high color performance index (CRI).

2. Multiple switch type light sources make it easier to detect the presence of homochromatic and heterochromatic phenomena between samples.

3. Internally, use low gloss Munsell standard gray (N7) as the background to prevent external stray light from affecting.

4. Replacement lamps have stable performance and stronger traceability.

Based on ASTM standards or customer specifications, the light source can be selected and the illuminance can be adjusted to meet different needs.

Technical parameters:

name parameter
size L x W x H:420mm x710mm x 545mm
Observation area size L x W x H:380mm x680mm x 335mm
weight 25kg
power supply 220V/50Hz
light source D65 Artificial Daylight
Color temperature 6500K, in compliance with BS950-1 standard, suitable for occasions that require color consistency and color quality, and in compliance with CIE's precise color evaluation requirements. Power: 600mm-18w.
TL84/P15 European Marks&Spencer specialty store light source, narrowband fluorescent lamp
Relative color temperature 4000K, power 600mm-18w.
A Incandescent lamp, household light source
It is often required to use this light source for homochromatic metamerism testing, with a relative color temperature of 2856K and a power of 35W.
H Tungsten halogen lamp, household light source
A light source that meets the ASTM D1729-74 standard, commonly used for visual evaluation of color differences in non reflective materials, with a relative color temperature of 2300K and a power of 75W.
UV UV black light
Used for detecting optical whitening agents and fluorescent dyes, especially suitable for detecting the proportion of white or fluorescent colors and their uniformity in materials. Power: 600mm-18w.