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JIS color fastness tester to friction

Author: Released in:2024-03-22 Click:15

JIS color fastness tester to friction

JIS color fastness tester to friction

Compliant with standards:

JIS L0849/L1084/P8136

Applicable scope:

This machine is a testing machine based on the friction testing machine type II (learned vibration shape) specified in the Japanese industrial standard "Test Method for Color Fastness of Textiles" (JIS L0849). Mainly used for evaluating and judging the color fastness to friction of dyed fiber products. By exchanging various optional accessory components, it can be applied to the "flocking strength test" of flocking processed fabrics, the "friction decolorization test" of artificial leather, and the "friction and wear resistance test" of cardboard, printing ink, coatings, etc. A friction testing machine suitable for various materials.


1. Planar test bench;

2. Transparent resin safety cover, high safety;

3. 1.5 R friction head (curved radius 1.5mm);

4. Sharp angle friction head (for testing hair products);

5. Load weights (300g, 500g, 800g);

6. Fixing device for thick test fabric (maximum thickness 8mm);

7. Flat friction head (for printing ink and coating tests of 20 × 20mm).