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ISO EN344 BS-953 Safety Shoe Impact Tester User Guide

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:103

1. Start the safety shoe impact tester. Click the [Up Button] on the control box to raise the impact head. Click the [Down button] to stop at the corresponding position.

2. Click the [left button] to lower the anti-secondary impact device. Install the safety shoes toe cap pattern. Tighten the screws to secure Secure the clamp with the sample to ensure the sample does not move.

3. Put the plasticine in the mold and form a cylinder. Place the plasticine cylinder in this spot inside the toe cap. Use the handle in the lower left corner to adjust the height of the hitting head. Make sure the impact head just touches the position of the specimen.

4. Simultaneously press [Zero] and [Unit/O-L] to clear the length. climateClick [Menu] and [Down button] to select the test height.


5. Set the test height by clicking on the arrow buttons. After the height adjustment is complete, click [Start/Enter] to confirm. Click [Esc/ Stop] to exit.

6. Click the arrow keys to set the load weight. Click [Start/Enter], the impact head will be automatically raised to the set height.

7. Open the safety lock on the impact head. After confirming everything is ready, click [Start/Enter].

8. After 3 seconds of alarm, the striking head falls free.

9. After the safety footwear The impact test is completed. Attach the safety latch.

10. Click the [Up] button on the control box to raise the punch head. Observe the damage to the toe cap of the safety shoe and the plasticine inside.