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Is the water level normal? Hydrological online monitoring system to assist

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:65

Water level refers to the elevation of the free water surface relative to a certain base, and the distance between the water surface and the riverbed is called water depth. The base used for calculating water level can be a zero point leveling base based on the characteristic sea level elevation at a certain location, known as the base, commonly used being the Yellow Sea base; It is also possible to use a specific point elevation as a reference to calculate the zero point of the water level, known as the measuring station base. Knowing what water level is, one will also understand the importance of water level monitoring.

In the face of natural disasters, everyone is equal, but it can also be prevented. For example, residents living near the sea can use hydrological online monitoring systems to understand the situation of lakes and judge whether disasters have occurred, to some extent protecting their own safety. So, what is an online water level monitoring system? Let's take a look together!

The hydrological online monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of hydrological parameters such as natural rivers, artificial canals, landscape rivers, lakes, reservoirs, channels, and groundwater for real-time monitoring. The monitoring content includes real-time hydrological conditions such as water level, flow rate, flow rate, rainfall/snow, sediment, ice, water quality, etc. It is of great significance to timely grasp the changes in river water sources and timely warn of flood accidents, avoid personnel and economic losses, etc.

In addition, in terms of data measurement, it measures real-time on-site water level and rainfall data through a water level gauge and rain gauge cylinder; Report data to the hydrological telemetry terminal for real-time collection of water level gauge and rainfall gauge output signals, and follow the hydrological communication protocol to report monitoring data; Transmission of data monitoring data, transmitted through GPRS/CDMA/4G/NB IOT to the hydrological monitoring and early warning platform and the monitoring and early warning platform for real-time display and storage of data from various monitoring points, and timely analysis and release of early warning information. Monitor for potential hazards in the future

The hydrological online monitoring system mainly has the following characteristics: real-time monitoring of river water level, expandable monitoring of rainfall, water quality, and flow velocity; Support remote photography or real-time video monitoring (via video communication); When the water level exceeds the limit, the sensor malfunctions, or the monitoring terminal battery voltage is low, an alarm will be triggered immediately; Automatically generate water level process curves and data statistical reports; It can be linked with the drainage pump station to automatically control the start and stop of the drainage pump group based on the river water level.

The river monitoring terminal monitors the water level and rainfall of the river 24/7 online; The monitoring center applies software to quickly analyze and process relevant data, seamlessly integrating with the mountain flood disaster warning information release platform. The monitoring system for river water level and rainfall is of great significance for flood control and disaster reduction in the area, and has played a good demonstration role. At present, the system has been widely promoted and applied.

Editor's comment: Water level is an intuitive factor that reflects the water situation of a water body, and its changes are mainly caused by changes in the amount of water in the water body. Observing water levels is an important means of preventing natural disasters such as flash floods and floods. The hydrological online monitoring system can monitor the water level of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, groundwater and other water bodies in real-time, and is a very reliable water level monitoring equipment.