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Is the maintenance of the salt spray testing machine complicated?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:149

It is said that this salt spray testing machine is a kind of man-made equipment to simulate the salty environment, which can test the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

Studio size 45*60*40mm, 60*90*50mm, 75*110*50mm, 85*130*60mm, 90*200*60mm
Outer size 78*114*105mm, 96*146*115mm, 110*173*124mm, 123*215*1410mm
Temperature range room temperature +5℃ ~ 60℃
Temperature uniformity 2℃
Temperature fluctuation 0, 5℃
>Salt mist deposition 1~2mL/80cm2.h
Continuous spray mode, optional test time 1~9999 (h, m, s)
Adjustable temperature and humidity controller Imported programmable touch screen LCD English dialogue is displayed .
Microcomputer integrated controller temperature sensor platinum resistance.
Pt100ω/pt Nickel Alloy Electric Heater Spray System Tower sprayer, with non-crystallizing nozzles (finer and evenly distributed mist particles), sprayitime 1 ~ 9999 (h, m, s), cycle adjustable Saline is collected with

Lab Test Instrument

a standard funnel and a standard measuring cylinder. A water quality filter is installed on the saline filter straw (to prevent clogging of the mouthpiece and termination of the test).
The temperature of the preheated saline is in equilibrium with the temperature in the chamber (making the temperature of the saline too low will not affect the test temperature).
The entrance of the box is corrosion resistant. High strength, anti-aging, high temperature resistant P.P board inner box material adopts imported corrosion-resistant, high strength, anti-aging, high temperature resistant PP board cover material adopts imported corrosion-resistant, high strength and transparent P.P/imported corrosion-resistant, high strength, high temperature resistant temperatures and transparent Other parts of PC board are gemade of stainless steel, copper or anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant materials.

The standard configuration includes a round bar, a V-shaped sample holder, two nozzles and funnels, and two sets of graduated cylinders with leakage, short circuit, overheating, water shortage and overflow protection.
When using supply voltage AC 220 V 10% 50 hZAC 380 V 10% 50 Hz.
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~+30℃ ≤ 85%.
The right seal has a water seal structure, no salt spray overflow.

The maintenance of the salt spray testing machine is actually not that complicated. As long as you pay attention to the following points, you can basically achieve the maintenance effect of the test box.
1. After each test, it is recommended to clean the test chamber of the equipment (mainly including the spray chamber, the brine chamber, the preheating water tank and the sealed water tank) with clean water to keep the equipment clean.
2. At the end ofeach test or test should be the standard amount immediatelyPour the solution into the cclean it and clean it to avoid the accumulation of solution crystals and affect the settlement calculation.
3. If the salt water spray test chamber is not used for a long time, the water in the saturator should be drained and the accumulated water in the saturator should be replaced regularly during normal use.
4. Regularly check whether the operation of the air conditioner valve is normal.
5. Restart the test and check all electrical systems when not used for a long time.
6. After the test, clean the inside of the box, try to keep the test box in a dry environment, pay attention to protect the glass filter and the glass mouthpiece of the temperature sensor protective layer, and pay special attention not to get through the filter with needles or hard objects and mouthpieces.
7. If the electrical components on hIf the control panel malfunctions, do not disassemble it yourself to ensure the service life of the salt mist test chamber.
8. If the nozzle is found to be clogged, the nozzle can be removed, cleaned with alcohol, xylene or 1:1 hydrochloric acid, or dredged with ultra-fine steel wire, but will not damage the surface finish of the nozzle cavity, so as not to affect the quality of the nozzle cavity nozzle.

Meet the test standards and test methods:
1.ASTM/B117-2011 Salt Spray Test
2.GJB150.11_1986 Salt Spray Test
3.GB-T10125-2012 Artificial Atmospheric Corrosion Test Salt Spray Test
4.GBT2424.17-2008 Salt spray test method
5.GB-T5170.8-2008_Electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment inspection method_Salt spray test equipment
6.GJB150 .11A -2009 Environmental test method for salt spray test in military equipment laboratory
*Note: It can be customized according to customer\'s product size.