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IRONCLAD gloves SDX2-06-XXL technical parameters

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:116

Brand: IRONCLAD gloves SDX2-06-XXL

Name: Gloves

Model: SDX2- 06-XXL In 1997 Ed Jaeger, founder of Ironclad, was asked to help build a house. Plumbers, masons, demo workers, electricians and construction workers were everywhere. He noticed that everyone had the very expensive job-specific tools, but also realized that none of these employees were wearing gloves, out of curiosityEd asked people at the site why they weren't wearing gloves and they all had similar answers.

"I couldn't use my existing gloves because they were too bulky. Of course protect they touch my hands, but they get hot, I can't feel my tools, they only come in one size and basically get in the way of my work."

That was a big surprise for Jaeger. Jaeger is a hard worker who grew up with motorcycles and knows the industry well. He has gloves for dirt bikes or road bikes. He learned to use these gloves while at work. Gloves are made of materials such as Kevlar™ and nylon, they fit perfectly and become an extension of your hand. On the field, Jaeger realizes there is a huge gap between workers and their most important tool: their hands. They need a glove to protect their hands and help them get the job done.

Opthis moment Iron Man was born. His philosophy was to create a glove that offered both protection and performance, but without sacrificing anything. He also wanted to create a brand that real employees could wear with pride; a brand that stood by them through thick and thin; and a brand made just for them. These are the real heroes in real life. Everything we use in our daily lives, much of which we take for granted, was built by unacknowledged hard-working men and women - everyday heroes.

Iron Armor pioneered this new field by developing task-specific gloves that help every worker perform their job more safely, efficiently and effectively. But it is not enough to develop gloves for specific tasks. Ironclad must introduce new technologies, materials and innovations to these harsh working environments. That is why Ironclad has been developed and manufactured worldwideven, and we have more than 70 trademarks worldwide. The property is part of our ever-expanding portfolio of advanced glove technologies and is featured in nearly every glove sold by Iron Armor. Iron Armor is constantly innovating to honor the world's true everyday heroes.