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Introduction to the Experiment of Aluminium Material Coating Wear Resistance

Author: Released in:2021-06-22 Click:550

Commonly used aluminum profile coating wear resistance test methods in my country mainly include: (1) falling sand test method (2) sandblasting tester method (3) wheel grinding tester method (4) Taber test method, etc., master various tests The characteristics of the method, and the in-depth analysis and research on the characteristics and standards of various test methods are of great significance to ensure the quality of aluminum alloy profiles.
  Necessity of the test method for the abrasion resistance of aluminum profile coating:
   For the aluminum profile used in construction, the wear resistance of the aluminum profile coating is an important basis for improving the quality of the profile. Using a variety of methods to test the wear resistance of the aluminum profile coating can reflect the test results of various methods. The falling sand test method is commonly used in my country to test the abrasion resistance of architectural aluminum profile coatings. After experimental research, it is found that this test method has poor reproducibility and poor operability, which increases the difficulty of work. Therefore, recently For several years, my country has been testing the abrasion resistance of architectural aluminum profile coatings. In actual work, we pay more attention to the sandblasting test method. This test method is very simple in operation and takes a short time.

   Taber abrasion tester method and evaluation

   (1) Taber test method
The Taber test method is also called the rotating friction rubber wheel method. In 1963, the Taber abrasion tester was produced, which is mainly used for the test of abrasion resistance. After years of research, the Taber abrasion tester has been widely used in many occasions, and it has a very wide range of applications in the industrial development of Europe. The main structure of this tester is composed of a turntable for clamping the sample, a friction wheel and a loading device.
  (2) Evaluation
   Taber test method can be widely used in the wear resistance test of plating, coating, metal and non-metal materials, but in the specific test process, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely maintenance of the rubber grinding wheel and timely replacement.
to sum up:
In summary, there are many methods for testing the wear resistance of aluminum alloy profile coatings, all of which are tested in accordance with relevant standards. However, there is no standard falling sand test method in China, and the workload of the falling sand test Very large, and the required test time is relatively long, which will have a great impact on the test results, and the reproducibility of the test results cannot be guaranteed. In the process of aluminum profile coating wear resistance testing, the sandblasting test method, wheel grinding test method and Taber test method are rarely used. This requires further testing methods for aluminum profile coating wear resistance in daily work. the study.

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