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Introduction for Oscillatory Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-09 Click:1357

Oscillatory abrasives are also commonly referred to as "sand oscillators". It is mainly used to test the transparent material and coating on the glass, the lens coating performance, in addition it can also be used to assess the organic coatings, plastics, metals and other materials, wear resistance samples fixed to the bottom of the sandwich fixture, Sample surface exposed height of not more than 1mm. Place a uniform depth of standard abrasive media such as quartz sand or alumina in the sand table.

Introduction for Oscillatory Abrasion Tester

The sandbox is moved back and forth in a specific drive drive to drive the abrasive media in the entire sand table. This random scratches of the media can be used to simulate the wear and tear of the product in daily life In addition, Taber oscillatory wear instrument also allows users to use liquid grinding slurry for wear and corrosion testing. Buy the relevant accessories, the user can also lens "Bayer test". The purpose is primarily for comparison with the reference lens.

Introduction for Oscillatory Abrasion Tester

The test parameters of the Taber Oscillation Meter can be adjusted so that the user can choose the length of the back and forth (0.25 to 6 inches) and the speed (100-200 rounds per minute). In addition, the oscillating mill allows the user to use different types of abrasive media including quartz sand, alumina, emery and glass beads for testing.