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Introducing different glass chromatography column manufacturers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:104

Introduction to different manufacturers of glass chromatography columns

The range high, medium and low pressure chromatographic columns produced by our company, emphatically adopted more advanced foreign technology and concentrated the advantages of domestic products, coupled with the relatively strong technical strength of our company, we have made many technical transformations on this product performed, the product has advanced design, convenient column packing, small elution (dead volume) and chemical corrosion resistance. The product performance is safe and reliable, favored by the majority of users and recommended to each other.

This product is suitable for molecular sieve, ion exchange, gel permeation and affinity chromatography. As liquid chromatography the production of bloodproducts, various proteins in plasma, such as albumin, can be purified by chromatography. More and more production units have used it one after another, and the effect is good, and they are quite satisfied.

This product is also used in the pilot test and large-scale production of biochemistry, petrochemistry, chemical analysis, disease diagnosis and other laboratories and medical pharmaceutical Chromatographic tools . The matching chromatography column adapter has a reasonable structure, is easy to use, can protect the gel surface from the damage of the liquid flow, and has the advantages of uniform distribution of the chromatography flow and high resolution. According to the needs of the experiment, the conversion joint can be adjusted in length by about 150mm, and the special length can be adjusted separately.

Differencesthe high, medium and low pressure chromatography columns are approved by the six biological products research institutes of the Ministry of Health, the eight major research institutes of the Academy of Military Sciences and their affiliates It is widely used by medical research institutes, first to fourth military medical universities of the whole army, Shanghai Bioengineering Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cancer Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, as well as large pharmaceutical factories across the country.

Excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service greatly improve users\' safety.

Shanghai Wuphase instrument glass chromatographic column product variety:

1. Ordinary chromatography column (column internal pressure verheight with 1-2 bar)

2. Medium pressure special glass Chromatography column (with adapter) (column inside pressure increased by 5-7 bar)

3. Jacketed high-pressure water-cooled chromatography column (with adapter) (column internal pressure increased by approximately 5 bar)

4. Large plexiglass column (with distribution system) (column internal pressure is less than 0.5 bar)

5. Organic glass chromatography column (with adapter) (internal column pressure is less than 0.5 bar)

6. Organic glass chromatography column (with conversion coupling) (column internal pressure increased by 2-3 bar)

The above large chromatography column can be adjusted with a stall.

Users should consider whether to pressurize forbecause they order? Do you want a constant temperature? After communication with the sales, select the corresponding type of glass chromatography column, which is conducive to the laboratory experiment.