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Interpreting the Causes of Insufficient Curing Box Compressor Exhaust Volume

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:110

Insufficient displacement of the compressor in the hardening box is one of the most prone to compressor failure, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The failure of the intake filter : Fouling and clogging reduce exhaust volume; the suction pipe is too long and the diameter of the pipe is too small, which increases the suction resistance and affects the air volume, so the filter should be cleaned regularly.

2. The cylinder, piston and piston ring are badly worn and out of tolerance, which increases the relevant clearance and leakage, which affects the displacement. When it is normal wear, it is necessary to replace wearing parts in time, such as piston rings. It belongs to improper installation, if the gap is not appropriate, it should be corrected according to the drawing. If there is no drawing, experience data can be taken. For the gapbetween the piston and the cylinder along the circumference, if it is a cast iron piston, the gap value is the diameter of the cylinder. 0.06/100~0.09/100; for aluminum alloy pistons, the deviation is 0.12/100~0.18/100 of the diameter of the gas diameter; steel pistons can take the smaller value of aluminum alloy pistons.

3. Reducing the speed of the compressor reduces the displacement: the air compressor is misused, because the displacement of the air compressor is designed according to a certain altitude, temperature of suction and humidity. When used on a tray that exceeds the above standard, the suction pressure will decrease and the displacement will inevitably decrease.

4. The stuffing box is not sealed and the air leak will reduce the air volume. The reason is firstly that the cable gland itself does not meet the requirements when manufactured; second, it may be that the center of the rodpiston and stuffing box are not properly aligned during installation, resulting in wear, stress, etc., resulting in air leaks; usually lubricant oil is added to the stuffing box, it can play the role of lubricating, sealing and cooling.

5. The impact of compressor intake and exhaust valve failure on displacement. Metal fragments or other debris fall between the valve seat and the air valve valve plate causing a loose seal and air leaks. This not only affects the displacement, but also affects the pressure and temperature change between stages; the occurrence of this problem may be due on the one hand to manufacturing quality issues, such as warping of the valve plate, and on the other hand to severe wear of the valve seat and plate valve and form a leak.