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Interpretation of the working principle of the polisher

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:140

Polishers, also known as grinders, are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing, and waxing.

Its working principle is:

The motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc installed on the polisher to rotate at high speed, due to the joint action of polishing disc and polishing agent And rub against the surface to be polished, then achieve the purpose of removing paint pollution, oxide layer and shallow marks.

The speed of the polishing disc is generally 1500-3000 rpm, with mainly continuous speed change, and can be adjusted at any time during construction.

Allow me to share with you polisher operating safety procedures and equipment usage precautions.

Polisher Safe Operating Procedures and Precautions of equipment use

Safe operation procedures for polishers

1. Before use, check if the wires, plugs and sockets are insulated and complete.

2. Use the grinder correctly and carefully check whether the grinding block is damaged or loose.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the grinder with oily or wet hands to avoid electric shock and injury.

4. It is strictly prohibited to be used in the fire prevention area. If necessary, it must be approved by the security service.

5. It is forbidden to disassemble the polisher without permission, pay attention to daily maintenance, use and management.

6. The power cord of the polisher should not be reconnected without permission, and the power cord of the polisher should not exceed 5 meters.

7. The protective cover of the polisher is damaged or damaged, and it is forbidden to use it. Avoid removing the protective cover to grind the part.

8. Periodically perform isolation telemetry.

Operate SafelyPosher Adjustment Procedures and Equipment Usage Precautions

Polisher Usage Precautions

1. Equipment should not be polished on the floor.

2. When polishing on a hard floor, the slope of the floor should not exceed 2%.

3. Pay attention that there are no sundries under the equipment during use and check before starting the machine.

4. Check wires and circuits before starting work. Wires should not be bent excessively and wear is not allowed.

5. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the polisher is necessary, especiallyParticularly for cleaning the machine frame, such as wax dust to prevent precipitation.

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