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Interpretation of the Martindale Abrasion Tester and the Valspar Friction and Wear Test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:131

Either the wear or friction tests of Valspar and Martindale. However, they are different tests, testing different traits and success in one test does not lead to success in the other. Valspar involves rubbing along the warp and weft of the fabric, while Martin is a figure-eight massage. The video clip shows a test machine in action... not very exciting. This article goes further and provides summary information to assist interior designers in specifying the appropriate level of wear resistance typical for interior finishes.

In more detail:

For heavy duty, specify:

30,000 Double Mill Valspar; or

40,000 second test method.

Examples of using heavy equipment, where furniture fabrics with a rating of 30,000 double wear must be properly transformed: sole proprietorships, hotel rooms/suites; meeting rooms; use in restaurants.

There are extreme wear and tearconditions that may require a higher level of wear resistance. End-use examples may require more than 30,000 double mills: including 24-hour transportation hubs, 24-hour telephones, 24-hour medical emergency rooms, 24-hour casino gambling rooms, and other public gathering places such as theaters, gymnasiums, lecture halls, fast food restaurants.

It is highly recommended that the added value of double kneading above 100,000 is meaningless. A higher abrasion resistance does not mean that the fabric will last significantly longer.

Valspar and Martin\'s tests generally use two methods to predict wearability. Actual performance depends on many factors such as fiber content, fabric, upholstery, furniture design, maintenance, cleaning and usage. The durability of upholstery fabrics is a complex interplay (combination) of performance tests that, in addition to wear, also include seam slip, stacking, tensile strength and use.

Er is not a correlation between the Valspar and Martindale tests, so it is impossible to estimate the number of cycles that would be achieved in one test if the results of the other tests were announced.

Test Method

For the test, a Valspar machine is used to stretch the tested fabric sample into a frame to secure it. Individual pieces are cut in warp and weft directions and then rubbed back and forth with an approved fabric as an abrasive. The number of double rub cycles achieved before 2 yarn breaks or significant wear occurred was recorded as the wear rate of the fabric.


This is an oscillation test. The mounting surface of the fabric sample is ground in the motion of Figure 8 using a piece of worsted woolen cloth as an abrasive. The number of cycles (yarn breaks, piles, holes) that can be tolerated in fabrics that show unsightly appearance changes. Itnumber of cycles determines the degree of wear.

Deduce one result from another:

Despite the other sites you will read, including those of some of the best-known fabric houses in the world, you simply cannot deduce that Spar scores from Martin scores or vice versa. However, as mentioned before, for heavy duty you can specify: 30,000 double mill Valspar method or 40,000 trial method. So in that sense it can be said thatTest results for use in high degree are 33% higher than those of Valspar. But you can\'t say that if the fabric scores 100,000 Valspar, you take the Martindale test and you \"know\" the result is 133333 - there won\'t be any false marks; Martindale can be high or low, you have to test.

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