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Interpretation of the breathalyzer detection principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:51

Detection Principle of Alcohol Detector When an N-type conductivity oxide is exposed to the atmosphere, it will reduce the number of electrons inside due to oxygen adsorption and increase its resistance.

Subsequently, if there is a specific reducing gas in the atmosphere, it will react with the adsorbed oxygen, thereby increasing the number of electrons in the oxide, resulting in a decrease in the resistance of the oxide.

The semiconductor oxide sensor analyzes the gas concentration by the change in the resistance value.

The breathalyzer mainly means:

The breath alcohol detector is a law enforcement detection tool specially designed for the police. The on-duty police can use it to deal with the driver\'s drinking in detail, effectively reducing the occurrence of major traffic accidents.bear.

It can also be used in other occasions to detect the alcohol content in the breath of the human body to prevent accidents and property loss.

It can also be used in companies that prohibit working after drinking in high-risk areas. Business use breathalyzers are not portable;

but wall-mounted breathalyzers Detector, the wall-mounted type is more convenient to use than the portable type;

The advantages of faster detection speed and high accuracy, wall-mounted type is more suitable for enterprises and institutions, adding card swipe presence, voice alarm and series of functions.

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