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Interpretation of hydraulic forklift truck scale failure solution

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:145

Fault 1: The forklift scale has been weighed several times, but the weight is inconsistent and there is an error.

Solution 1: Lift the forklift scale up, insert a piece of paper into the four-sided gap between the scale and the fork tine cover, and make a circle to see s there is a place to lean on. If there is a tilt problem, use the appropriate tools Lift

Solution 2: Lift the fork tine cover, loosen the sensor clip spring, adjust upwards with a large screwdriver flathead, then install the clip spring. If there is no adjustment screw on the sensor, you can loosen the circlip then remove the teeth cover, then turn the 4 cover screws 2-3 turns.

Fault 2: When the forklift scale weighs, the skip count does not return to zero

Solution: First of all, if you find that the weighing ist inaccurate, i.e., scale an item between two If it is the same in the second weighing state, it needs to be recalibrated and debugged until it is accurate. If the skip count does not return to zero error, please check if the sensor fixing screws are loose and if they are on a plane. If there is a problem with the sensor itself, the sensor should be replaced.

Fault 3: The forklift scale does not respond to weighing and often reports errors.

Solution: When you encounter this problem, first check if there is a problem with the line, if there is a short circuit at the end of the line, if the inner line of the junction box is off, etc. Then check whether the instrument can be turned on normally and perform a self-test. If there is a problem caused by the wiring, the wiring must be properly connected. If there is a problem with the instrument itself, please contact the manufacturer/or the distributor.

Fault 4: The display cannot be turned on normally and the calibration procedure continues to report errors.

Solution: First check whether the correct monitor power can supply normally (battery charged), if everything is normal, please contact the manufacturer/or distributor.