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Interpretation of Common Surge Arrester Troubleshooting Methods

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:410

1. The leakage current counter is at zero. Possible reasons for this phenomenon are: the meter indicator is out of order; the shield wire is shorting the ammeter. The treatment method is:

(1) Gently tap the counter with your hand to see if it is stuck, and if it cannot be recovered, you need to add a missing list, repair it or replace it.

(2) Use a rod to separate the place where the shield wire meets the conductive part of the arrester, and it can return to normal.

2. The indication of the leakage current meter is too large: According to the analysis of historical data, if the meter is found to be full, it must be judged that there is a problem with the lightning arrester, and it should be reported to the dispatcher immediately, and the lightning arrester should be taken out of service, please check it.

3. The porcelain sleeve of the arrester breaks and discharges. In the case of industrial frequency, theThe arrester\'s porcelain socket is used to ensure the necessary isolation level of the arrester. If the porcelain sleeve breaks and discharges, it will become a hidden hazard to the system. In this case, it must be stopped and replaced in time.

4. There is a discharge noise inside the arrester. In the case of power frequency, no current passes through the arrester. Therefore, there should be no sound. If there is abnormal sound in the arrester during operation, it is considered that the arrester is damaged and loses its function, and it may cause single-phase grounding. In this case, the splitter should be reported immediately and the surge arrester should be taken out of service and replaced.