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ICI Rolling Box Pilling Tester Experimental Steps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:156

Product Description:

ICI Rolling Box Pilling Tester Test Steps:

(1) Clean the pilling box

Page 2/(Total 2 Pages) (2) Put 4 sets of planting tubes into the box, close the lid gently from the box and set the counter to the required number of turns.

(3) Set the number of rotations. number of chords. If there is no agreement, the woolen fabric is spun 7200 turns and the fine imitation 14400 turns.

(4) Start the pilling box, after the test, take out the sample, take out to sew, and evaluation of test models.

HERE Rolling BoxPilling Tester Tester Evaluation results:

Evaluation box should be placed in a dark room.

Lay out the tested pattern and an untested pattern side by side in the evaluation box , down the length of the fabric the sample plate (if the test sample is pretreated before testing, the control sample must also be pretreated. If the test sample is not pretreated before the test, the control sample must be a sample without pretreatment) . The tested samples are placed on the left and the untested samples on the right. Ratings are subjective and it is recommended that at least 2 people rate. The appearance of the sample and the corresponding note are as follows:

Note the number of notes for each sample and resultat of the single person evaluation is the average of the ratings for all the samples. The sample test result is the average value of all staff evaluations. If the average is not a whole number, round to the nearest 0.5 and use "-" means, e.g. for example 3-4. If the difference between an individual test result and the average exceeds half a mark, the mark for each sample must be given at the same time. It has a strong R&D, production and sales team to meet different customer needs. Products include fiber tester, yarn tester, fabric tester, carpet tester, geotextile tester and other industry-related test equipment. Such as color fastness to washing tester, fabric abrasion tester, pilling tester, color fastness to rubbing tester, color fastness to ironing tester and color fastness tosweating, etc.