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Hydrogen Generator Usage Precautions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:148

A self-regulating hydrogen generator for hydrogen fuel cells. The apparatus consists of the following components: a fuel tank with a defined internal space of nominal volume, the fuel tank is equipped with a hydrogen gas discharge port communicating with the internal space;

Contains hydrogen storage material and stores a catalyst in a fuel tank, the catalyst being packaged in a catalytic reactor fitted with a closure to block contact between the catalyst and the liquid fuel;

and with the opening part where the liquid fuel contacts, so that it can actively adjust whether to generate hydrogen gas or stop the generation of hydrogen gas depending on the rise and fall of the pressure in the fuel tank.

Application: GC (Gas Chromatograph)

A few things to note when using a embarrassedhydrogen generator:

The performance of the hydrogen generator is stable and the output hydrogen pressure is higher, which can meet the characteristics of capillary column applicationics doubles for chromatographic analysis in the petroleum and chemical industries, and is more suitable for supporting the use of oil drilling and logging equipment. It has the function of over-liquid protection to ensure the safe operation of the instrument.

The hydrogen is produced after multi-stage purification, the purity of hydrogen is higher, the forced heat dissipation prolongs the life of the control power supply and the pool body, the effective electrolysis area is large, the pool temperature is low, and the working stability of the whole machine is more stable Strong, the whole machine is easy to operate and maintain. entreenir, and it is equipped with an exhaust gas purifier to make the emission purer.

The hydrogen generator adopts barrel-shaped electrolytic separation cell, which has large electrolytic area, low cell temperature, large gas generation and high purity.

The gas circuit system is equipped with overpressure protection and anti-return lye device. It is easy to use. Simply turn on the power switch to produce gas. The outlet pressure is stable and the flow rate is displayed by LED numbers. More intuitive and eye-catching.

Daily use of the hydrogen generator only requires the addition of distilled water, which can be used continuously or intermittently. It integrates liquid storage, electrolytic hydrogen production and oxygen exhaust. There is a non-return liquid device, which can guarantee effectively the instrument has no liquid return phenomenon.

The hydrogen generator is mainly composed of electrolysis system, pressure control system, purification system and cooling system. display.

Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water and the oxygen produced is released into the atmosphere. It has the advantages of large electrolysis area, low cell temperature, good performance, large gas generation and high purity.

The hydrogen generator only produces hydrogen when needed, because it only produces a certain amount of gas at a specific time, so the system can be monitored for pressure overload.

The working principle is the traditional diaphragm electrolysis method. The conductive medium in the electrolytic cell is an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide. AThe integrated gate electrode with corrosion resistance and good mass transfer constitutes an electrolytic cell.

After the hydrogen generator has applied direct current to both poles, the water molecules immediately generate electricity at both poles of the electrolyzer. A chemical reaction produces oxygen at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode.