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Human Body Input and Output Test Simulation Test أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:86

Human body entry and exit test simulation test

Mock test:
1. Prepare the indenter of a three-dimensional dummy model. The three-dimensional dummy model shall conform to SAE J826-2002, 50% dummy. The press head is wrapped with a layer of 12mm foam and denim, and appropriate weight is placed on the press head to keep the weight of the press head at 44.5KG,
2. Attach the entire seat to the test benchsimulated human body entry and exit, adjust the seat to the designed position, and simulate the international human body entry and exit seat system. The robot\'s operating program:

①. The penetrator slides horizontally into the seat. The chair sinks into the seat cushion edge and back edge about 25mm each, and the indenter rotates 30 degrees so that the rear inboard side of the indenter goes in first;
②. Continue to advance the indenter until the centerline of the indenter is aligned with the centerline of the seat;
③. The pressure head wiggles pto make it stable in the seat;
④. The penetrator sinks into the seat until the load reaches 445 N;
⑤, pressure head about 30 degrees, load crawling back 445N;
⑥. The penetrator remains on the seat with a load of 445 N until it is halfway out of the seat;
3. Experimental frequency: 4.5 times/min;
4. Number of experiments: 15,000 simulated human bodies In and out of experiments.
Main Features:
1. The interface uses virtual instrument technology.
2. Test parameters are easy to set.
3.Data results can be printed in real time.
4. The load and displacement calibration method is simple and easy to use.
5. The measurement and control system adopts a template design and is easy to maintain.
6. With overload protection and software settings protection.