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How to use and maintain Taber Abrasion Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-09 Click:1620

Wear-resistant testing machine mainly by rotating the grinding method, the use of different types of friction wheel rotation in the sample to detect the wear resistance of leather and plastic materials. Widely used in metal, coatings, sheet metal surface, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and other areas of performance testing. This article is for the wide application of the instrument, focusing on the use of operation and maintenance of some of the considerations

Test principle: The test sample is placed in a rotating platform, through the two above the rolling friction wheel under a certain load and the sample to the friction of the rotating friction to wear the sample. One friction wheel facing outward, the other friction wheel inward friction specimen, the formation of a circular wear traces. After a specified number of frictions, the degree of wear of the specimen was evaluated by appearance.

The operating instructions

Test preparation:

  1. Secure the test sample to the test dial, select the desired test weight, and make sure that the test wheel does not come into contact with the sample fixture during the test.
  2. Set the governor switch to minimum.
  3. According to test requirements set the number of tests, the machine is in test state.

Operating Specifications:

  1. Connect the appropriate power supply 220V or according to the label
  2. Adjust the governor switch to a minimum, in order to avoid too fast, causing the machine to appear abnormal.
  3. Turn on the power, the first test machine, if no abnormal turn off the power.
  4. Press the RESET key to reset the counter to zero. According to the requirements to set the number of tests required, the maximum counter can be set 99999999 times.
  5. Press the RST button on the counter to clear the counter, press the> key for five seconds to enter the number of test settings, the counter on the eight digits from the bottom right to the left representing the bit to 10 million, such as setting 280360 times, > Key to adjust the jump value to the left upper third digit Press ∧ key to set the value to 2, then press the> key to adjust the jump value to the upper left fourth digit. Press ∧ key to set the value to 8, Press the ∧ key to set the jump value to the lower right and the second digit. Press ∧ to set the value to 6, and the other positions are set. Set to zero, according to test requirements set the number of tests required:
  6. Press the start button, the machine will enter the test state.
  7. Adjust the governor and adjust the speed to the desired test speed.
  8. Turn on the vacuum cleaner power switch to start working.
  9. When the counter reaches the set number of times, the machine will automatically stop in standby mode.
  10. Turn off the power, remove the sample, clean up the machine.

Maintenance matters

  1. The instrument must be placed on a smooth surface before use,
  2. Do not allow the machine to be tampered with during use
  3. Select the appropriate power supply voltage, not too high, to avoid burning the device
  4. In the event of abnormal instrument, please contact the Secretary for timely processing
  5.  machine works must be a good ventilation environment.
  6. Key mechanical components, due to large operating load, the mechanical part of the timely addition of lubricants
  7. After each test, clean the machine and keep the machine clean