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How to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics

Author: Released in:2021-11-17 Click:359

The test method of fabric abrasion resistance is mainly divided into two methods: abrasion meter measurement and actual wearing experiment, as described below.

A. Wear-resistant instrument test:

  1. Flat grinding
    Flat abrasion refers to the abrasion of the surface of the fabric specimen by friction with abrasives under constant pressure. Simulate the wear and tear of the elbow of the top, the hip and knee of the pants, the bottom of the socks, the bed sheet, the sofa and the carpet.
  2. Curved abrasion
    The sample is repeatedly rubbed with the abrasive in a bent state, simulating the abrasion at the elbow of the upper garment and the knee of the pants.
  3. Folded edge grinding
    The fabric specimen is folded in the state, and the folded part is rubbed with the abrasive, simulating the wear of the collar, cuff, pocket, trouser edge and other folded parts of the upper garment.
  4. Composite abrasion
    The specimen is repeatedly stretched and repeatedly bent in the state of wear and abrasive friction, simulating the wear and tear of the human body in the process of activity.

5.Flipping grinding
The specimen is subjected to stretching, bending, friction and impact in any tossing state, and the wear and tear caused by friction with abrasives, simulating the wear and tear of clothes when washing in the washing machine.

Second, the actual wearing experiment.
The actual application object is tested in the actual working environment, mostly used for work clothes, uniform-type clothing clothing.

How to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics