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How to set the number of revolutions of Taber 5135 abrasion tester

Author: Released in:2021-05-31 Click:592

The control panel of the Taber 5135 abrasion tester is equipped with various buttons for operating the abrasion tester.

   You can use the rotary button on the control panel of the Taber 5135 wear tester to set the number of test laps to any value lower than the maximum value of 99999. A grinding cycle or a test circle refers to a whole circle where the sample is in contact with the grinding wheel and rotates.

  How to set the number of wear revolutions

   Press the select test button, the red indicator light of the button in the upper right corner is on. Enter the desired value on the numeric keyboard, and then press the OK button. If you enter an invalid value, press the clear key to clear it, then enter the correct value and then press the OK button.

   As long as the indicator light on the button is on, the value will be displayed on the digital display. The red light on the button will not go out until the vacuum cleaner selection button or rotation complete button is pressed, or the power is cut off.

  Rotation complete button prompts the operator to complete the number of rotations in the test. Once the start button is pressed, the button is automatically activated and the system starts counting. The red indicator light of this key in the upper right corner lights up, and the digital display starts to display the number of rotations of the rotating sample holder (the maximum number of rotations is 99999).

   start/stop test

   Press the start button to start the turntable. This operation automatically activates the rotation completion button, the sample carousel seat and the vacuum cleaner. The cumulative number of revolutions is displayed on the digital display.

   To change the initial rotation setting value, press the test rotation button. Press the spin complete button again to continue accumulating the number of revolutions. The sample holder will continue to rotate until the set values ​​are all completed or manually stopped.

  You can stop the turntable at any time during the test, and restart after inspecting the sample (press the start button), so that the rotation count and the rotation count display on the digital display will not be interrupted.

  Rotation complete reset button

   After the test is completed, please reset the completed rotation value displayed on the digital display to zero before the next test starts.

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