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How to replace machines in the textile industry? The role of the “sample” was highlighted

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:72

A basket of empty red wire tubes is placed at this end of the machine. Empty wire tubes are like obedient children, automatically stepping onto the assembly line, queuing, intubating, spinning, removing... ...At the other end of the machine, a basket of white finished products was brought down by a worker. Amidst the roaring sound of machines, the technical transformation project of \"machine substitution\" of Yinan chemical fiber upgrading, sorting and removal automation process was put into production on the production line .
Industrial transformation and upgrading accelerate the leading role of \"machine substitution\"
Since this year, our district has continued to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy and to promote the practical application of “machine substitution”. in various industries and strive to\'achieve the goal of \"machine substitution\" in various industries. The comprehensive coverage of \"machinery substitution\" of industrial enterprises above the designated size has laid a solid foundation. Standard Group is a comprehensive supplier of textile testing instruments. It adheres to the service concept of professionalism, sincerity, enthusiasm, is fully close to customer needs, and has been highly recognized by customers.
The reporter learned from the district Information and Economic Office that in the first half of the year, the district implemented a total of 100 \"machine substitution\" projects at the municipal level, with a investment of 1.411 billion yuan. In the first half of the year, the region\'s textile industry above the specified size implemented a total of 40 \"machine substitution\" technical transformation projects above the specified size, making an investmentindustrial production of 1.021 billion yuan, an increase of 57.7% year-on-year. The application of a large number of intelligent equipment is increasingly playing an increasingly important role in the energy saving and energy consumption of enterprises.Reducing consumption, reducing labor costs. workmanship and improvement of product quality and efficiency.
Technical transformation optimizes production efficiency and profits, and enterprises are willing to invest
From this on-site exchange meeting on “Machine Substitution” in the textile industry, We learned that the practice of Yinan chemical fiber can be regarded as the key to the transformation and upgrading of Xiaoshan\'s miniature industrial economy. By transforming existing equipment, companies can achieve good results by reducing staff, increasing efficiency and replacing equipment.people by machines, and feeling that the rapid development of technology and industrial equipment supports the modernization of traditional industries.
“We have invested a total of 12 million yuan in the technological transformation of the spinning equipment withdrawal link. In the past, this link required more than 80 workers. After automation transformation, about two-thirds of the labor cost can be saved. , it\'s meIt\'s a very obvious effect. At the same time, through the transformation of automation, its efficiency has been improved, product quality and processes have become more stable, and the workshop environment has become cleaner. These are indirect improvements. intubation, with almost no need for manual intervention, and overall reducing the number of withdrawal accidents. The resulting shutdown and empty spindle time reduces the inwork tension, improve production efficiency and optimize workshop work management.
After the automation transformation, the performance of the equipment is stable and reliable, and it can automatically complete the automatic cycle process. This technological transformation alone is expected to reduce the company\'s costs. It costs 4 million yuan per year. Labor costs, to achieve the goal of reducing costs and optimizing management.
Most of the company\'s spinning equipment was purchased between 2003 and 2006. The degree of automation is not high. The production efficiency of old equipment is not as good as that of new equipment, and the cost competitiveness of products is also relatively low. Then, the company will also carry out equipment updates and technological transformations in the production links where the workforcework is more important. Then, if there are new processes or new technologies in the shrinkage link, including the packaging link and the barrel scrap link, Yinan Chemical Fiber is willing to make further attempts at automated processing.
Encourage technological innovation and accelerate demonstration projects to promote transformation and development
In recent years, with the transformation of the economic development model, Xiaoshana industrial economic development has improved product quality , reduces costs and increases development potential in the context of the “new normal”. Many attempts have been made.
Not only the textile industry, this year our district further increased policy support to encourage key enterprises in the industry to achieve technological innovations in the production process of \"thing substitutiones”. By promoting industrial demonstrations of typical enterprises and projects, we will implement implementation for industrial enterprises. “Machine substitution” provides the direction and path to achieve comprehensive improvement in the level of the entire industry.
The economic and information system will also actively construct various communication platforms, organize various on-site meetings at appropriate times, promote application cases and applicable equipment, guide engineering service companies to make full use of their technical and talent advantages, improve quality of service, and better promote our territory The “machine substitution” work was carried out in depth.
According to data, Standard Group plans to implement 500 district-level “machine substitution” technical transformation projects throughout the year, covering 35% of industrial enterprises above the designated size in the district, to cultivate 1-2 mature engineering service companies, and establish and improve a service cooperation mechanism for \"machine substitution\" work . By 2017, the labor productivity of all employees of industrial enterprises larger than specified will be increased by 10%. The number of low-end employees decreased by more than 5% year-on-year; the industrial added value of industrial enterprises larger than that indicated increased by more than 5% and profits by more than 3%; investments in technological transformation of industrial enterprises larger than indicated increased by more than 10%.
Xiaoshan industrial economy will continue to use \"machine substitution\" work as an entry point to accelerate coverage, continue to solidly promotethe three-year action plan for the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industrial economy enterprises in the region and effectively promote one of the major industries of Xiaoshan - Chemical fiber textile industry accelerates the pace of transformation and modernization, Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.