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How to prevent fouling and maintain stable operation of falling film evaporators?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:93

Falling film evaporation has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient and small heat transfer temperature difference. Compared with other forms of evaporators, falling film evaporators have a higher heat transfer coefficient, better heat transfer efficiency, and lower one-time investment costs. They are currently widely used in fields such as food, medicine, chemical, and energy. After years of development and technological progress, falling film evaporators have continuously met the needs of industries such as pharmaceuticals, and their performance has also been continuously improving.

At present, there are various models of falling film evaporators on the market, and many manufacturers can provide customized services according to user needs to meet their actual needs. It is worth mentioning that the evaporation tubes of falling film evaporators are generally prone to problems such as dirt, which can be light or heavy, directly reducing the heat transfer efficiency of the falling film evaporator and even making it difficult for the equipment to operate normally, causing significant economic losses. Therefore, how to prevent scaling and maintain stable equipment operation is a bottleneck that industry enterprises need to solve.

It is understood that the current measures to prevent scaling of evaporator equipment mainly include seed crystallization method, scale inhibitor method, acid addition method, purification pretreatment method, and solid-liquid ratio control method. Among them, pretreatment method is one of the common methods to prevent scaling, which uses hardness and alkalinity removal process to remove calcium, magnesium ions, sulfate ions, and carbonate ions in concentrated salt wastewater, and prevent the formation of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scaling. By actively taking anti fouling measures, enterprises can to some extent reduce the probability and speed of dirt appearing in the evaporator tubes of falling film evaporators.

For falling film evaporators that have already shown dirt, in order not to delay production tasks, enterprises generally need to take certain descaling measures. A pharmaceutical machine operator stated that their company's tubular falling film evaporator will shut down for processing after a certain period of operation, and will be cleaned in different ways, such as easy cleaning of the distribution plate scale and cleaning of the heating surface structure. "Because the liquid distribution tray of the tubular falling film evaporator is an open structure, when cleaning it, the operator can enter through the manhole and then clean it. Cleaning the heating surface structure will be relatively simple and easy to operate. The operator can enter the evaporator through the upper and lower manholes and clean each heating tube after opening the liquid distribution tray," said the person.

The author has learned that some domestic researchers have conducted research on the current research status of descaling and heat transfer enhancement technologies for falling film evaporation, actively exploring online descaling and heat transfer enhancement methods for falling film evaporation tubes, in order to solve problems such as dry wall and tube wall scaling and clogging of film distributors during the falling film evaporation process. I believe that with the birth of new technologies and concepts in the future, and the implementation of design solutions, the falling film evaporator with anti scaling and online cleaning function will solve the problem of scale prevention and removal for enterprises, improve the heat transfer coefficient of equipment, and maintain stable operation of equipment.

For falling film evaporator enterprises, in the context of continuously expanding the application of falling film evaporators in various industries, they can only actively grasp the market development trend, seize the actual needs of users, continuously innovate and improve equipment, and obtain more development opportunities. For example, in the context of rising production costs and expanding production capacity, falling film evaporators urgently need to accelerate their transformation and upgrading towards automation and intelligence; For example, in the current trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, reducing production energy consumption is a common pursuit of all production enterprises. The falling film evaporator industry also urgently needs to reduce energy consumption output. Enterprises need to strengthen innovative research and development, optimize equipment design, reduce equipment energy consumption, and reduce costs in order to meet the new market demands.