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How to perform a mattress quality assessment test? أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:77

How to perform a mattress quality assessment test?

As a necessary element in our daily life, mattresses play a very important role in our health, such as improving insomnia, protecting the spine, etc. Faced with the numerous brands of mattresses, as a consumer, are you dazzled? When purchasing a mattress, one should consider elasticity, accessory material, breathability, etc. of the mattress. Of course, we must also choose according to our own needs, but the same principle remains the same. The quality of the matlas itself must be the choice. fundamental factors.

How to evaluate the quality of a mattress? Besides the size and dimensions of the mattress, the different components that make up the mattress are also important areas to inspect, such as springs, tiling, sewing. lines, etc. There are many test items stipulated in current standards, such as mattress impact resistance, durability, surface wear resistance, compression resistance, softness and hardness, etc. A qualified mattress must go through several layers of processes and step by step. carry out inspections before it is finally finalized. reach consumers.

Due to the large number of test items, today we only take the mattress durability test as an example, and in combination with the knowledge acquired by the editor, we We will explain its principles, definitions and scope of application..first bedThe cushion durability test is used to test the long-term lifespan of mattresses.It is mainly for testing innerspring mattresses, innerspring mattresses ordinary, foam mattresses, brown fiber mattresses, etc. It is not suitable for testing water-filled inflatable mattresses. Secondly, the principle of mattress durability testing is very simple. It uses rolling loading module (round rollers and hexagonal rollers are available), placed on the loading part of a horizontally placed mattress, and rolls against the mattress at a certainne frequency. Alternating loading is performed to simulate the human body lying in different positions to test the mattress\'s ability to withstand long-term repetitive rolling loads (durability). The specific test is based on the QB/T1952.2-2012 standard. Friends who are interested or in need can search for the standard.

Of course, evaluating the quality of mattresses is a relatively tedious task that requires special attention and requires the use of professional testing instruments.
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