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How to maintain the reciprocating sander معدات اختبار

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:172

Product Introduction

The reciprocating sander is a kind of friction and scratch resistance testing machine for the test device, in order to To maintain good performance and reduce the occurrence of breakdowns, it is essential to carry out daily maintenance operations. So, how do you maintain the reciprocating grinder? Hear what Shanghai Qianshi has to say about this issue!

How to maintain the reciprocating sander? Shanghai Qianshi tells everyone that equipment maintenance generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and accuracy inspection, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance are also an important part of equipment maintenance. The reciprocating sander is no exception. The maintenance work mainly involves the following aspects:

(1)Neat tools, accessories, workpieces (products) should be neatly placed, and piping and piping should be organized ;

(2) ;Clean the inside and outside of the equipment, there is no oil on the sliding surfaces, spindles, racks, gearboxes, oil holes, etc., and there is no oil or air leakage from any parts. Clippings, sundries and dirt should be cleaned;

(3) Lubricate well, add oil or change oil in time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, clear oil spot, smooth oil passage, oil quality Meet the requirements, the oil gun, the oil cup and the linoleum are clean;

(4) Safely adhere to the safety regulations, do not overload the equipment, the equipment safety features are complete and reliable, and timely eliminate unsafe factors .

How to maintain the reciprocating sander? About this number, Shanghai Qianshi will inform yousuggest here. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that good equipment maintenance habits are a necessary condition for maintaining good equipment performance and accurate test data. In the maintenance process of reciprocating grinders, it is best to record the maintenance process in the form of regulations.