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How to interpret the principle of the screw air compressor

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:134

As for the relevant knowledge of screw air compressors, it is necessary to start from the working principle of screw air compressors, and then talk about some applications of variable screw air compressors. For more details, please see:

The Working Principle of Screw Air Compressor:

The Screw Compression Air Compressor a screw stage is composed of a pair of male and female rotors (or called screws) parallel to each other and rotating in the cylinder. ;

The air between the slots of the rotor teeth continuously produces periodic volume changes, and the air is transported from the suction side to the outlet side along the axis of the rotor, realizing the screw air compressor. The whole process of intake, compression and exhaust.

The air inlet and outlet of the air compressor are located respectively at the two ends of the housing, and the grooves of the rotorfemale and male rotor teeth are driven by the main motor to rotate.

The compressor is driven directly by the engine to turn the crankshaft, and the connecting rod is driven to move the piston back and forth, which changes the volume of the cylinder.

Due to the pressure change in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (silencer) through the intake valve, in the compression stroke ;

Due to the shrinkage of the cylinder volume, the compressed air passes through the exhaust valve and through the exhaust pipe ;

The one-way valve (check valve) enters the air storage tank, when the exhaust pressure reaches When the rated pressure is 0.7MPa, it is controlled by the pressure switch and stops automatically.

When the pressure of the gas storage tank drops to 0.5--0.6MPa, the ppressure switch is automatically connected and started.

Application of Screw Air Compression System in Light Industry:

Food and beverages have a common feature——things for people to eat.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the edible problem when choosing a compressor, that is, the quality of the compressed air must be good, especially the oil content of the compressed air should be very moderate.

But actually not all food or beverage factories have the same compressed air requirements, we can roughly divide it into two parts:

A part is where compressed air comes into contact with food or drink; the other part is where the compressed air is not in contact with food or drink.