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How to Interpret the Oval Gear Flowmeter Principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:167

The oval gear flowmeter is a lightweight volumetric flowmeter with a needle display, a character wheel cumulative counting device and a return-to-zero device;

With the advancement of technology, there are also emerging The type of electronic digital display product, and can output the signal of the measured quantity with a standard signal power of 4-20mA;

It has been widely used in liquid flow control in various industrial fields, it is suitable for various kinds of liquid measurement, such as crude oil, diesel, gasoline, etc., and has the characteristics of a wide measurement range, high precision, convenient operation and maintenance;

The selection of different manufacturing materials can meet the measurement of liquid flow in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food, metallurgy, engineeringelectricity, transport, etc.

It is widely used in the commercial settlement of industrial raw materials.

There are a series of preparations and preliminary work to be done before the oval gear flowmeter is put into operation. Specifically, the following points should be considered and implemented by the user:

When the meter is in use, the meter should be filled with liquid.

The measured liquid should not be mixed with gas, otherwise the mixed volume of gas and liquid will be measured, which will make the measurement inaccurate. When the liquid is mixed with gas, a gas separation must be installed upstream of the instrument.

The flow rate in the pipeline should not increase or decrease sharply, and phenomena such as pipeline vibration, hydraulic impact and strong pressure fluctuations should be avoided, otherwise the functionnormal operation of the instrument will be affected.

Due to the measurement of high viscosity liquids, the liquid is usually heated to reduce the viscosity and then flow through the pipeline (both with an insulating jacket type flow meter).

When the meeter is out of service, the liquid filled in the meter will become viscous due to cooling. If it is to be reused, steam or other methods should be used to heat the outside of the meter body to reduce the viscosity of the liquid, can only be used after the reduction of the viscosity of the liquid in the tool.

Otherwise, the mucus will bite the transmission parts and damage the instrument.

The temperature of the liquid to be measured should not be higher than the specified value, otherwise the meter will not work normally or even crash, and the counterpart will be easily damaged under high temperature. Fluid temperature variations can also lead to additional errors due to viscosity effects.

When the flow rate exceeds the specified maximum flow rate, the wear of the oval gear flow meter will increase with the increase in speed, and the pressure drop will increase sharply, so it should be avoided.

Below the small flow, although it can still be measured, the error will increase.

The start flow of the flow meter is about 2% of the maximum flow, and the normal working flow is preferably 70%-80% of the maximum flow.

Before installing the instrument, the pipeline must be thoroughly cleaned. If there is no strict filtering device in the whole pipeline system, a filter should be installed in front of the instrument to prevent impurities from entering the meter.

The meter should be installed at the outlet of the pump, and the valve dThe flow control must be installed at the outlet of the meter downstream of the table.

When using, first open the upstream stop valve, then slowly open the downstream flow control valve or stop valve. Do not open or close abruptly.

When each instrument leaves the factory, it is calibrated with #0 diesel at room temperature. At room temperature, the viscosity of the oil is about 3mpa.s.

If the viscosity of the liquid used by the user is quite different from this, it is necessary to adjust the gear ratio or flow coefficient.

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