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How to clean and maintain the bottle cap dispenser?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:122

A Bottle Top Dispenser is a common laboratory instrument used to safely transfer a volume (usually 1 to 60 ml) of liquid from a bottle or other container to a collection vessel. The internal parts of the dispenser are in direct contact with the liquid. To ensure a long life of your bottle cap dispenser, maintenance and cleaning work can be carried out in the following cases:
1. The movement of the pipette plunger is not flexible;
2. After separating some limiting solutions (such as high concentration saline solution and high concentration alkaline solution);
3. Before replacing the liquid separation reagent;
4. Bottle opening Before sterilizing the dispenser;
5. Replace bottle cap dispenser pipeline (suction tube, return tube and dispense tube);
6. For long-term storage.

Specific controls:
1. Set the scale knob to zero and cover the monpiece with the cap of the dosing tube.
2. Place the entire bottle dispenser and reagent bottle in a cleaning container of the appropriate size, then adjust the scale knob to the maximum dosing volume scale.
3. Twist and remove the bottle dispenser from the reagent bottle (wear gloves to operate).
4. Place the dosing tube of the removed bottle dispenser on the opening of the reagent bottle and at the same time remove the cap from the dosing tube and slide it back to a fixed position.
5. Move the plunger lever up and down (check that the arrow on the safety valve points to the dosing tube) and remove the remaining solution.
6. Then put a suitable special cleaning solution into the cleaning container, immerse the suction tube in it, and repeat the suction and discharge many times.
7. After pipetting and washing several times with a suitable solution (such as distilled water or acetone), remove the remaining solutionand pour into the bottle dispenser.
8. Finally, remove the suction pipe, liquid return pipe and liquid delivery pipe from the bottle dispenser and clean them separately.