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How do you test fabric for pilling?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:127

The test methods for fabric pilling performance are mainly random tumbling pilling test methods, box-type pilling test methods and martindale pilling test methods. QINSUN is a textile testing equipment manufacturer who can provide testing equipment according to Method Ds.
Random Tumble Pilling Test Method:

Test Instrument: Random Tumble Pilling Tester.

A random tumble pilling tester is used to determine the wrinkle and pilling properties of textile fabrics. Precision high speed impeller to agitate the test specimens against the cork liner for a preset time controlled by a timer and audible alarm. Also, pressurized air is injected into the chamber to aid in the tumbling process of the ion. Laboratory standard compressed air supply required.

ASTM D3512 DIN 53867 JIS L 1076


Ici Pilling Box Testmethod:
Test Equipment: ICI Pilling Box Tester

ICI Pilling Box Tester is used to quickly reproduce the formation of pilling on fabrics in a fraction of the time it takes with normal wear and tear . Then the surface
pilling properties and hook properties of woven and knitted fabrics are determined.
The ICI Pilling Tester conforms to IS012945-1, BS 5811, etc. The ICI Pilling Tester uses a universal drive system with 2 or 4 positions, an electronic digital counter and a sample mounting device. The machine accepts ICI pilling boxes and ICI pling drums.
Samples are mounted on polyurethane tubes and randomly shaken under defined conditions in a cork-lined box. The pilling is assessed visually after a defined period of tumbling.

Ici Pilling Box Standards:
GB/T4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS5811, IWS TM152

Martindale Pilling Test Method
Test Equipment: Martindale Tester
The Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester is the standard method for determining the abrasion resistance of textiles or leather and resistance to pilling. The samples are re-rubbed using known abrasives at low pressure and in continuously alternating directions, and the amount of abrasion or pilling is compared to standard parameters. Adaptable to test a wide range of applications including textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpet, wood and shirt collars. Four models are available, with 4, 6, 8 and 9 abrasion.

Martindale Tester Standards:
Abrasion: GB/T 21196.2, GB/T 13775, ISO 12947 , ASTM D4966, IWS TM 112, M&S P19, Next 18, SN 198529, TWC 112, JIS L1096 (
ISO17076-2 ball plate method, optional)

Pilling: GB/T 4802.2, ISO12945-2, ASTM D4970, IWS TM 196, M&S P17, Next TM26, SN 198525