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Honda applies for a motorcycle autonomous driving patent to easily balance vehicles

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:29

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles because they can stimulate adrenaline rush and provide enough stimulation. But at the same time, the danger factor of motorcycles is very high. Once a motorcycle falls off at high speed, it is easy to cause serious injury or even death to the driver. Is there a technology that can make motorcycles operate automatically?

Recently, Honda showcased its Drive Assistance Device for a Saddle Riding Type Vehicle, a patented autonomous driving technology developed for motorcycles.

According to official reports, this system will support functions such as ACC automatic vehicle following and lane keeping, and also integrate functions such as automatic lane changing and low-speed overtaking.

It is worth mentioning that as long as the vehicle is in driving assistance mode, the system will automatically monitor the road conditions to set the most reasonable turning route, which means it can automatically take you to bend and enjoy the pleasure of "flying close to the ground".

According to the official patent diagram released by Honda, motorcycles equipped with this system will be equipped with various sensors such as cameras and ranging radars to determine road conditions and complete subsequent actions based on the collected information.

Interestingly, Honda recently released its stunning "Riding Assist 2.0 Active Vehicle Balancing System", which allows riders to easily balance their vehicles without having to put their feet down while waiting at traffic lights.

In recent years, many car manufacturers have started developing active safety systems for locomotives, such as BMW, Ducati, KTM, and KAWASAKI, which have launched models equipped with ACC automatic following systems.

However, some netizens have also sent out soul questioning, asking whether motorcycles that cannot be driven by oneself still have the pleasure of riding?