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Hexapod drum tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-18 Click:17

Hexapod drum tester

Hexapod drum tester

Compliant with standards:

BS EN 1471: 1997,ISO 9405: 2001,IWS test methods 247 & 251,ISO 10361: 2000 (BS),Wools of New Zealand test methods 247 & 251

Applicable scope:

The hexapod drum tester is a very popular instrument used to evaluate the appearance retention ability of carpets.

1. Widely used to evaluate the appearance retention ability of carpets;

2. Barrel measurement with substrate;

3. Quick testing: The experiment can be completed within one working day.

Product details:


Use double-sided tape to stick the carpet sample onto the elastic lining. Then they are fixed together inside the drum and can be removed at any time during testing. If necessary, a backing can be added under the carpet.

The drum adopts a reciprocating motion mechanism to provide a more realistic pile condition. The required number of rotations can be pre-set through a rotation counter. The 3.8kg drum has six polyurethane legs (which can be replaced if damaged, severely worn, or used for two years).

The carpet sample underwent 2000 rotational tests, which took approximately one hour. Then take out the carpet sample and use a vacuum cleaner to simulate actual usage scenarios for cleaning. Replace the sample and repeat the operation, usually six times, for a total of 12000 rotations.

After the last cleaning, the appearance changes can be evaluated according to the ISO reference card.

Technical parameters:

Size: 430 x 780 x 400 mm (W x D x H)

Power: 375 W


H polyurethane stand

Roller liner