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Hach HACH 2100N – a good assistant for drinking water detection

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:137

From the epidemic prevention station to the CDC, the inspection standard is from GB5750-85 to the drinking water hygiene standard to GB/T 5750-2006, the monitoring project of drinking water From the original 8 items to the current 20 entries. We insist on our work. The monitoring task of drinking water includes terminal water, secondary water supply and well water in rural areas. There is a basic monitoring item of turbidity, which is inseparable from the monitoring equipment of the turbidity meter. Ten years ago, the domestic turbidity meter was used, but its own limitations, sensitivity and accuracy affected thereliability of the data, which really confused us. With the progress of society, imported equipment made it enter China quickly and spread to various laboratories, we have a new choice. We have chosen a Hach product 2100N laboratory turbidity meter. Its use gives us the reliability of its data. Unparalleled confidence. We trust our choices.

Particles protect microorganisms and stimulate bacterial growth. In all cases when the water is disinfected, the turbidity must be low to effectively disinfect the watern. The effect of turbidity on the effectiveness of disinfection is significant. Turbidity is also an important operational control parameter in the drinking water treatment process, which can indicate quality problems in the treatment process, especially in the process of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. There is no direct health data on turbidity, but ideally the turbidity should be as low as possible and for effective disinfection the median turbidity can be less than 0.1 NTU. This requires the use of a turbidity meter suitable for the detection requirements, with suitable resolution, accuracy and precision. We chose the HACH 2100N laboratory turbidity meter and the 2100N uses Hach Company\'s ratio measurement technology. , to ensure effective elimination of color quality interference accuracy: 0-1000NTU: 0.01NTU or ±2% of reading resolution: 0.001NTU.

In daily testing, our work mainly includes active monitoring of the terminal water of the urban distribution network, secondary water supply, rural water source water (well water), swimming pool water, As well as mineral water entrusted inspection, drinking water and other health-related testing. Water quality testing has become an important part of our work. We use centralized entrusted inspection and centralized inspection methods. The turbidity meter is one of the instruments we use the most and has a high utilization rate. It is really good assistant for our inspection.In 2008 it passed the accreditation of laboratory qualifications and this project has become our most confident testing project because we have advanced instruments as a reliable guarantee. The operation is simple, the instrument is stable, and the after-sales service is considerate. These are the most important factors for us to choose the instruments we use.