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Glass pre-value impact tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:25

Product introduction:

Glass Value Pendulum Type Impact Tester is designed and manufactured according to the national standard glass bottle impact test method, which is specially selected for mechanical shock resistance testing equipment of various glass bottles and jars.

Glass Pre-Value Pendulum Stroke Meter The structure of this instrument meets the requirements of the pendulum stroke meter specified in GB/T4544-98 and GB6552-86. Users can perform the test according to the method specified in GB6552-86.

Technical parameters:

Instrument model: FLR-316 Pre-value glass impact tester

Energy range of the impact test: 2.0J

Measuring bottle diameter range: 30-120mm

Impact position setting range: 6~165mm

Instrument resolution: Impact energy less than O.6J, 0.05J per grid.

The impactenergy is greater than 0.6J, 0.1J per grid.

Energy loss: less than 1.5%

How to use

1. The operator faces the face of the dial and places the bottle to be measured on the bracket. Shake the lifting handwheel to adjust the height of the bracket so that the height of the measured point of the sample bottle placed on the bracket matches the height of the swing point of the pendulum.

2. When the pendulum is naturally in a vertical static state, shake the horizontal adjustment handwheel to move the carriage so that the pendulum lightly touches the wall of the bottle under test.

3. Adjust the dial so that the scale line points to the impact energy scale line required for the bottle under test.

4. Lift the garland and hook it with the pendulum hook.

5. Putting on the glove on the right hand, gently hold the opening of the bottle to be tested and bring the bottle close to the V-shaped iron.iron. (There should be no gap between the bottle and the V-shaped iron)

6. Gently press the pendulum hook with your left finger to release the pendulum and hit the impact point of the bottle under test. According to the above method, the impact test is performed at different points around the bottle and at different heights. If the test does not break, the bottle has passed the energy impact.