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Glass Abrasion Tester Shanghai Qianshi Photovoltaic Coated Glass Abrasion Testing Machine Price

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:109

Product Name:

Shanghai Qianshi Photovoltaic Coated Glass Abrasion Tester Price

Main Purpose:

Shanghai Qianshi Photovoltaic Coated Glass Abrasion Tester Price is used to test the scratch resistance and scratch resistance of glass products such as screens and tempered glass. The number of rubs can be set and adjusted through the counter. The speed controller controls the working speed of the friction head to meet to the actual testing needs of customers.

Test Principle:

In the test, steel wool cloth is installed on the friction head with a size of 10mm*10mm, and the adjustable weight adjusts the pressure load of the friction head to move across the glass to rub. After the experiment, the samples were taken to evaluate their scratch resistance and scratch resistance.

Technical parameters:

1. Test module: three station glass friction module;

2. Reciprocating platform movement distancend: 50 ± 5mm adjustable; < /p>

3. Mobile platform movement speed: 0-120rpm adjustable;

4. Friction test load: 10N/station;

5. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ;

6. Dimensions: 700mm * 300mm * 270mm (L * W * H);

7. Weight: 51kg;

8 Friction head : 10mm*10mm size, contact the sample with the steel wool instrument.

Description of keys:

1. Reset key: Mute the sound and reset the real-time laps of the timer;

2. Start key: After the speed switch is turned on Used to start the engine;

3. Governor: used to adjust the speed of the motor;

4. Adjustable weight: used to adjust the load applied to the friction head Size;

5. Mode Switch: Pull it up for continuous automatic operation mode. In this mode, after the machine runs for the set number of times, the machine keeps rubbing , and the toner stops working after theturning off the toner power supply; Pull it down to number mode, in this mode, the motor will stop after the equipment run the set number of times.

Experimental preparation:

1. Cut out a sample with a size of 200mm*150mm from the whole sample, or cut 3 samples of 100mm*50mm;

2. By adjusting the screw connecting the friction head, adjust the gap between the friction head and the sample so that the contact surface fits perfectly.

Test method:

1. Place the cut sample on the sample clamping platform and clamp it;

2. Attach the weight and make sure the friction head and sample are in full contact and tighten the device;

3. Turn on the machine and select the desired test mode (two frequency modes and continuous operation);

4 . Set the number of times you want to rub and select the speed you want to run;

5. Set the governor checkTurn on the boot, press the start button and the equipment will start running;

6. After the test is complete, record the surface friction of the sample and make relevant assessments.