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Furniture Surface Paint Film Abrasion Tester

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Product introduction

【Scope of application】:

This instrument is a reference Manufactured according to the test parameters of GB/T1768 paint film abrasion resistance, it also meets the latest standard \"GBT_4893.8-2013 Physical and Chemical Properties Test of Furniture Surface Paint Film_Part 8: Determination of Abrasion Resistance\" and \"GB/T 17657-2013 Artificial Test Methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and wood-based panels with veneer\", a multifunctional test method for abrasion resistance. It is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of various coatings in the laboratory, such as deck paint, floor paint, road paint, etc., but can also be used for the abrasion resistance of paper, plastic, textile, decorative panels, etc. The instrument is easy to operate, reliable in performance, flexible and convenient to use.

[Related Standards]: \"GBT_4893.8-2013 Physical and Chemical Properties Test of Furniture Surface Paint Film_Part 8: Determination of Abrasion Resistance\", \"GB/T 17657-2013 Wood Based Panels and Artificial Finishes Test Methods for Physical and Chemical Properties of Boards\", GB/T15036.2, GB/ T15102, GB/T18102, 8, ISO7784.2, ISO5470-1 ASTM D3884, DIN53863.2

【Test Mode】:Furniture Surface Paint Film Abrasion Tester Apply a specified load and speed to the test sample placed on the test bench. When the test bench rotates, it drives the abrasive wheel to carry the sample. The weight of the wear loss is the weight of the sample before and after the test. Poor, wear resistance estimated by standard methods.

【Instrument Features】:

1: The advanced motor structure is adopted to ensure the stable operation of the machine and the stable and accurate rotation of the sample table

2: The testing process The generated material particles becomeand directly sucked away by the vacuum cleaner to ensure more accurate test results and a cleaner test bench

3: The appearance of the machine is carefully designed, and the test is equipped with imported high-quality grinding wheels, which can be described as both internal and external, high-end Atmospheric

【Test Principle】:

Furniture Surface Paint Film Abrasion Tester is to place two grinding wheels with a specified distance on a horizontal turntable to install. The template of the test piece is in contact, and the center axis of the two grinding wheels is not in the same plane as the center axis of the turntable. When the turntable rotates, a grinding wheel on the left produces friction from the outside to the center of the sample surface, while a grinding wheel on the right produces friction from the center of the sample surface outwards. When the turntable rotates continuously, a series of intersecting ringwdriving tracks formed on the surface of the model. With this kind of wear arrangement, the surface of the sample is rubbed in all directions, avoiding obvious directional defects in the friction of the reciprocating abrasive in one direction, and making the wear evaluation more accurate.with objectivity.

【Technical parameters】:

1. Instrument model: FLR-208Furniture Paint Film Abrasion Tester

1. Sample disc diameter: Ф115mm, sample packing diameter Ф100mm

2, sample disc speed: 30--90r/min, adjustable speed

3, standard grinding wheel working size: Φ51.4×12.7mm

4. Counting method: Electronic counting can be arbitrarily set from 0 to 999999 times

5. Pressure method: rely on the weight of the pressure sleeve up to 250 g or increase the weight combination

6. Counterweight weight: 250g, 500g, 750g

7. Power supply: voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz

8. Dimensions insinstrument: 515×395 ×360(L×W×H)mm (excluding vacuum cleaner)

9. Net weight: 20Kg (excluding vacuum cleaner)

【Sample preparation】:

According to the requirements and regulations of GB/T 15036.2-2001 in the national standard GB/T 5036.1~15036.2-2001 solid wood floors:

1. Samples for abrasion test Taken from the same batch of floorboards, it is made into a square with a side length of 100mm*100mm and an inner diameter of the center hole of 6mm-10mm, matching the shape of the abrasion tester.

2. Wipe the surface of the test piece with a degreasing emery cloth and weigh to the nearest 1 mg. If the thickness of the test piece affects the flatness of the grinding wheel support, the test piece must be thinly sawn.

3. Install the paint surface of the test piece on the abrasion testing machine, and install the grinding wheel on the bracket, wear it for 100r under the condition of each contact force of 4.9N ± 0.2N, and remove the test piece, widenRemove the dust attached to the surface and weigh to the nearest 1 mg.

【Determination of test results】:

The calculation of wear results is shown in the formula (1) F=G - G1


Where: F—abrasion value, g/100 r;

G—the mass of the specimen before grinding, g;

G1—the mass of the sample after grinding, g

Note the wear value and visually test the paint film on the surface of the piece

【Maintenance Precautions and use of the instrument】:

1. After the test is completed, the exposed surface should be wiped. Cover the dust with a protective cover and cut off the power.

2. When adjusting the variable resistance of the vacuum air volume, it should be small to large.

3. When loading and unloading the work plate at normal times, it should be handled and pulled gently, and should not be pressed hard, so as not to affect the mounting accuracy.oeds.

4. Gently press and place the left and right pressure arms of the grinding wheel on the working plate of the sample and do not drop it, which will hit the working plate and deform the surface and affect the test results.

5. If the grinding wheel is not used for a long time, it should be packed in a box to avoid damage.