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Fully Automatic Fabric Air Permeability Tester Film Air Permeability Experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:97

At present, there are pressure method (differential pressure method and equal pressure method), concentration method, volume method, gas chromatography and heat conduction method to treat the plastic film air permeability test. According to different test methods, various types of air permeability testing devices for plastic films have been developed at home and abroad. The automatic fabric air permeability tester is one of them. Our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer. Welcome customers in need. Among them, the pressure difference method is the main air permeability test method of plastic films. International film gas permeability test standards based on differential pressure method include ASTM D1434, ISO15105-1, ISO 2556-2001, JIS K7126, etc. LThe standards implemented in my country are GB/T1038-2000, GB/T 5453-1997, etc.

Flexible packaging materials such as plastic films and sheets have the advertising advantages of low cost, light weight and easy processing, and are widely used in the packaging of various daily products such as foods and medicines. According to different engineering and application needs, the barrier properties of flexible packaging materials such as plastic films and sheets are different. Sometimes a high barrier property to block oxygen is needed to prevent oxygen intrusion, and sometimes a low barrier property with better oxygen permeability is required. To facilitate the exchange of oxygen inside and outside the package. The air permeability of flexible packaging materials such as plastic films and sheets directly affects the quality of their productspackaging.

During the test, the vacuum pump releases vacuum from the low pressure side of the test device below 27Pa. System leakage has a great influence on the test results. The smaller the leak, the more accurate the test results. Conversely, the coarser the test results, the higher the barrier properties of the plastic film.

When the sealing material and sealing technology are certain, the key factor affecting the sealing performance of the test device is its sealing structure. In the case of a certain temperature sensor, to make the temperature of the test environment meet the requirements of the national standard, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate constant temperature control technology. At present, the gas permeability test device adopts single-layer sealing structure, which has the advantage of ssimple structure, but the disadvantage is that the gas leakage is relatively large, and the pressure change will be relatively large. For the test of high barrier film, its waterproof performance is difficult. Achieve engineering application requirements.

This article analyzes the research status of the air permeability test device based on the pressure difference method and highlights several factors that affect the performance of the air permeability test device. air permeability and should reasonably deal with the problem of high barrier film air permeability test. With the current vacuum technology and sealing technology capabilities, without a sharp increase in testing costs, the air permeability testing device that meets the requirements of the national standard, and can test directly and accurately high barrier films can be developed by modifying the design of thesingle joint structure. and appropriate constant temperature control technology.