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FLR-Y15 Lens Wear Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:76

Product introduction:

Mainly to the lens quality surface, it is required to rub the surface of the lens with steel wool or pencil according to the relevant standards, and observe the degree of frictional resistance of the lens.

Application Range:

It is an automatic counting reciprocating friction testing instrument designed according to the light industry standard QB2506-2001 of the People\'s Republic of China on the abrasion resistance requirements of optical resin eyeglass lenses. This instrument is mainly used in friction testing in determining the abrasion resistance of optical resin ophthalmic lenses. Used in conjunction with a haze meter to test the haze of optical resin eyeglass lenses.

Reference Standard:

Meets the requirements of QB2506-2001 and QB/T2702-2005, and also complies with 10810.4-2012, 10810.5-2012The free-sag weight weighs about 750g/5N; QB2682: 2005, QB2702: 2005, ISO8980.4, ISO8980.5, etc.

Technical parameters

1. Steel wool: daily 000# steel wool

2. Die: diameter 40 mm

3. Friction frequency: 100 times/min (adjustable)

4. Test distance: 103 ± 0.87mm (adjustable)

5. Weight: 750±15g

6. Size: 460×410×580mm

7. Weight: 23Kg

8. Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz

FLR-Y15 Lens Abrasion TesterTest Method:

1. Attach the test sample (the haze value is measured first) to the instrument;

2. Glue steel wool or pencil to the die (the total weight is about 750 g);

3. Start the instrument at a speed of 100 times/min Repeatedly rub the surface of the lens 1000 times;

4. After the test is complete, remove and clean the lens;

5. Measure the lens haze value again and compare with it before testing to get the test results.