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FLR-Y07C Tensile strength tester for touch screen glasses

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:131

Product introduction

FLR-Y07C The touch screen glasses tensile strength tester is designed and developed according to the national standards of the People\'s Republic of China GB/T14214-2003, GB13511-1999 general requirements for glasses frames and test method requirements of Chapter 9. It is a fully automatic 98.0N tensile force and displayed laboratory equipment .

Aim of the test: To determine that the connecting part of the frame has a certain tensile function, to prevent the frame from being damaged by tension and pressure, and to ensure that the frame can be used for 2 years or more can be used normally and safely for longer. The focus is on solder joints and non-welded joints that require major inspections.

Main technical parameters

1. Maximum pulling force: 100KG.

2. The instrument uses high-precision sensors to measure ato meet the test requirements;

3. The sensor is powered by a precision power supply to ensure stability;

4.7 inch LCD touch screen, automatic operation, full digital input, direct display of the working process, voltage can be preset;

5. This instrument is a fully automatic equipment. After the armature is fixed, the test starts and the instrument runs up to 98N

6. Mitsubishi PLC, professional weighing sensor, automatic memory for accessories;

7. Glasses test professional luminaire: get to know metal frame and plastic frame detection.