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FLR-204 leather yellowing resistance aging test chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:106

Product Introduction

FLR-204 Anti-Yellow Leather Test Chamber

strong>Its function is to simulate the ultraviolet radiation and heat of sunlight. The sample is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and temperature in the machine. After a certain time, observe the degree of yellowing resistance of the sample and use the gray spot as a reference to determine the yellowing. The color change of the product due to the influence of sunlight radiation or container environment during use causes product defects. This machine uses a 300W UV lamp, so that the experiment can be completed in a short time. This machine can be used as a basic anti-yellowing test, and can also be used as an aging test machine and oven, with multi-purpose function.

Technical parameters:

Specification model: FLR-204 leather material yellowing resistance aging test chamber

Touch setting, digital and instant display.

Working size: 500×500×600 mm

Perimeter size: 1000×650×1170 mm

Temperature range: RT~100℃

Control accuracy: ±0.2℃

Temperature variation: 0.5% (calculated based on the highest temperature)

Light source: 300W type infrared lamp (imported)

Heating method: one set of hot air circulation devices

Controller: LED digital display PID microcomputer integrated controller

Setting accuracy range: temperature ±0.1℃, indication accuracy: temperature ±0.2 °C, resolution: ±0.1°C

Time range 0.001S—999H

Outer box material: anti-rust treatment, cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray

Inner box material : SUS430 high quality stainless steel plate

Standard configuration with a turntable and a mobile caster

Safety protectionerming: leakage, short circuit, overheating, motor overheating, overcurrent protection

Supply voltage AC220V, 16A

Complies with standards: ASTM D1148, HG/T3689—2001

Ambient temperature 5℃~+30℃ ≤85%RH


1. It is strictly forbidden to open the door to look at the light bulb during use (harmful to the eyes).

2. The lamp should be replaced if it has been used for more than 1000 hours. Refer to the lamp\'s cumulative timer indicator to replace the lamp regularly.

3. Except for the temperature setting, it is forbidden to change other functions of the temperature controller.

4. Refer to F.D.A testing regulations for food light spoilage testing method.Fan.