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Flexible carpet thickness tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-16 Click:6

Flexible carpet thickness tester

Flexible carpet thickness tester


ISO 1765: 1986,ISO 1766: 1999 (BS),BS 4051: 1987 (1996) ,BS 4098: 1975 (1996),BS 5808: 1991 (1996),Wools of New Zealand test method 142


Fabric thickness tester / elastic carpet gauge / carpet thickness meter used to measure the thickness of the fabric, which is mainly suitable for measuring the thickness of leather, rubber and textiles and other materials, to detect its standard situation.

Flexible carpet thickness tester Main feature:

1, Based on ISO and BS standards, provide a pressure test carpet backing, nonwovens, geotextiles

2, the instrument is designed to facilitate the testing standards to meet the different needs of

3, directly associated with the alternative software

4, for a wide range: the thickness of the carpet, and carpet underlay compression and elastic recovery, non-woven, foam, geotextile

Flexible carpet thickness tester Special Instructions:

1, test the carpet in order to test the thickness and compression recovery, the instrument provides a presser foot and a set of weights to provide 2-200 kpa pressure. And in the non-woven fabric test, we need to provide a different specification of the presser foot.

2, the test results are displayed on the digital indicator, which automatically returns to zero.

3, the standard thickness gauge can measure up to 25 mm thickness of the sample, which can provide flexible solutions for different applications. For samples thicker than 25 mm, you can choose other thickness gauge.

Fabric thickness tester / gauge elastic carpet / carpet thickness meter Main accessories:

Carpet: through the presser foot, referring to disk, bell and weights

It can produce 2,5,10,20,50,100,150 and 200 kPa

Underlay: through the presser foot, referring to disk, bell and weights

It can produce 2,5,10,20,50,100 kPa

RS232 connection cable: connected to a PC

RS232 software download

Dimensions: W300 mm, D400 mm, H550 mm